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TRA:MAP implementation suspended indefinately!


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Am I the the only one that has been sleeping? has anyone else noticed this on the TRA website??:shocked:


Update on TRA's assessment standards and procedures

TRA has decided to delay the implementation of its proposed revised assessment standards and procedures- the Migration Assessment Policy (MAP) - indefinitely. This means that all applications will continue to be assessed against the current Uniform Assessment Criteria (UAC).

CLICK on workplace.gov.au - 1 Skills assessment for people intending to migrate to Australia



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HI Craig


Is that a new announcement by TRA? I don't know - hence I am asking?


Many thanks




Shouldn't you be sleeping?:laugh: I Know I should !


I Dunno, The last time that I looked at the TRA site it said that it had postponed MAP as they needed more time to review it and implement it. Now I see that it says that it has been postponed indefinitely. And dare I say it do you thing that skills pathway D is back again?

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Craig


Mmmmm. There is a chap in Canberra called Roger Laws. Originally a Toolmaker, he worked for TRA and became one of their top assessors or managers. He was with TRA for 15 or 18 years altogether.


I had a long chat with him the other week because I had been told that he is a guru on all things to do with TRA assessments (which he is.) Now in private practice, several RMAs refer clients to Mr Laws when the Agent is confident that the client can get whichever visa it is as long as Roger Laws can get him through the TRA first.


I know very little about the TRA and this particular problem because I am not a migration agent so I never get involved in the details of people's skills assessments. So I understood some of what Mr Laws told me but by no means all of it.


My belief - following the long discussion with Roger Laws - is that in "the good old days" - 20-30 years ago - for a start, visa applications were processed all over the world. If you happened to be British then no matter which visa you applied for, the application was handled in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. In parallel with that, TRA sent Roger Laws to the UK for a couple of years. He learned about City & Guilds, NVQ etc at first hand. A tradie himself, he used to get the chance to observe "on the job" training happening in the UK and so on.


So when Roger Laws was assessing and later overseeing the assessment of a TRA Pathway D application from, say, a British brickie, Roger knew what he was expecting the brickie to tell him, in some detail.


Nowadays TRA staff do not set foot outside Canberra unless they pay for the travel themselves. None of the new generations have ever been tradies. They are all 'ologists of one sort or another, depending on what they read at university, and now they all aspire to careers as senior Administrators on the public payroll.


I haven't a clue how to build a house out of bricks. I would believe anything a brickie tells me because I have no relevant experience to draw on.


Plus, either in 2006 or 2007 TRA and then DIAC allegedly got taken for a complete ride by some people who had worked out how to scam Pathway D. There are different versions of exactly what happened but the version I've heard is The Fifteen Indian Hairdressers. Seemingly, 15 Pathway D applications were sent to TRA in the space of as many months. All of them absolute clones of each other. The only things that had been altered were the applicants names and dates of birth according to the version told to me.


All of them had worked for the same 'salon' at the same time. The reference letters were all identical, with only the names and dates altered on those, all signed by the same guy and so it went on.


Eventually an internal auditor clocked on. DIAC field officers were despatched to the 'salon.' Which was a one man band under a tree with a typewriter and so forth! Scribes still do a thriving trade in places like India where literacy is not always high.


I heard that all 15 'hairdressers' had been given permanent residency and had moved to Oz by the time the scam was discovered. They all had top notch visas so they could move to wherever they like and do whatever they like. They have no duty to tell DIAC where they are.


Once TRA & DIAC realised how easy it was to scam Pathway D, panic seems to have set in! Qualifications that can be independently verified are the New Answer! Apparently the Suits that wrote MAP were all set to go live with it and sent an advance copy of their new baby to the MIA to look through. The migration agents in Oz who do act for a lot of Student visa holders progressing onwards to skilled visa applications spotted an immediate flaw with MAP.


These students all have AQF III qualifications. To get through TRA Pathway E, they need the AQF III ticket, the compliant course of study behind them and they need 900 hours of work experience over and above that provided as part of the course.


How to ensure that they have actually done the 900 hours? The Suits specified that it must be paid work experience so that there are pay-slips, a tax-trail etc. Seemingly Hairdressing salons in Oz are very willing to provide the 900 hours of work experience but they will not pay for the work. I don't know how many other trades skills experience providers copy the Hairdressing salons.


But this seems to be the new stumbling block. Roger Laws said that he had heard that a crucial meeting about it is not due to take place till March 2009 (I think he said - somebody has mentioned March 2009 to me but it might not have been Roger.) Nobody seems to think that the various people with a piece of this action have come up with a solution that all of them feel able to agree on.


Roger says he has written to Uncle Tom Cobley & All pointing out the Migration Program has become a joke with this Pathway D thing. There is plenty of work in Dubai, for example, much of it handsomely paid. As a result, Australia is losing many of the very people it wants to attract - highly skilled tradies.





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Hi Gill,

where we can find this roger law. do he have any consultancy or what?

your post was very much informative i rally appreciate that.

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