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last remaining relative visa - onshore

Guest vsters

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i was hoping someone can advice. i am currently in Australia working on a 457 visa. Mym mum and dad are australian citizens and the rest of my sisters are Permananent residents. they are at school/ working in Australia apart from one who is back over to the UK selling her house. She plans to be back here in feb to set up home in melbourne.


i believ I am eligible for the LRR visa as I have no partner and no other family members in the UK or anywere else. I just wanted to ask :


  • Can I submit my application now even though my other sister is in the UK at the moment ( she is an australian PR)?
  • for the application fees, do I need to pay the 2nd installment for myself and both my kids ( 9 and 10 years old)
  • As I am working in australia will I still need the AOS of $5000
  • Approx how long will an onshore application take to be processed?
  • What details do I need to prove all my family are residents ?

Thanks. its a very expensive process so going to lodge the application myself so any advice would be apprecatied !!



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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi vsters


Welcome to Poms in Oz.


Since you are in Oz on a 457 visa it should be possible for you to make an onshore application for a Remaining Relly subclass 835 visa:


Remaining Relative Visa (Onshore) (Subclass 835)


You need to lodge the application at the DIAC Office nearest to you and it will be processed in that same office, so you will need to ask them what their current processing timescales are for the subclass 835 visa:


Australian Offices


My guess is that you would have to pay the 2nd Instalment for yourself and each of your two children, but the local processing office can tell you for sure.


Yes, an Assurance of Support is mandatory with this visa and so is the Bond, which is held for 2 years. This is confirmed by Page 5 in Booklet 4:




Remember that you will get the Bond back after two years (at any rate, your Assurer will, because the Bond Account will be in the Assurer's name and techically the money will belong to the Assurer.) The Assurer will be paid a piffling amount of interest on the Bond every six months.


The Assurer(s) will be means-tested by Centrelink so you must be sure that the Assurer will be able to satisfy the means test. Up to 3 individuals can club together to provide the AoS. They need not be related to the visa applicant or to each other.


Assurance of Support


9.4 Assurance of Support Scheme


You will need to provide certified copies of your rellies passports & visa labels for the ones with PR, plus a couple of utility bills to prove that the relevant relly is "usually resident" in Oz.


With the rellies who are Australian Citizens, send certified copies of their Aussie passports, Citizenship Certificates and utility bills as above, I suggest. Plus before you submit the application, ask the local processing office whether they would require anything else.


You will also need to provide evidence that you are not related to the children's father and his family. Are you divorced from him? If so, you will need to send proof of the divorce along with the children's birth certificates. It is all in the Checklist for the visa, which is here:




It is beyond the scope of this forum to say whether or not you can satisfy the criteria for the Remaining Relly visa. If you are in any doubt about it, it would be a good idea to consult a Registered Migration Agent. You can search the MARA register according to suburbs if you wish:


Migration Agents Registration Authority


Having located an Agent, if you decide to do so, check the MARA sanctions page to see whether the Agent concerned has ever been in strife with the MARA in the past:


Migration Agents Registration Authority


Best wishes



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Thanks for your reply.


I have not seen the kids dad in may years and he is in scotland. I have a stat dec from him though giving authority for me to take the children from scotland to australia to live permanently .


has anyone else dont the visa ?



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