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Found 72 results

  1. Ozzieland

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Does anyone know approximately how long does it take for the processing of a Remaining Relative Visa ?
  2. I am writing this post to inquire about the application and eligibility of Remaining Relative Visa (Offshore) (Subclass 115) or an onshore 835. I wanna be in Oz ASAP. Although I have read through the correspondent pages on http://www.immi.gov.au, I still have some questions and doubts about my case of possible application. I hope u kind people don’t mind helping tipping me a little bit. Please help me. My mother has been married with my step father (an Australian citizen) more than 2 years ago, and she has got her visa subclass 309 in January 2011; she is now happily living in WA Perth with my step-father. They both want me to immigrate to live with them as soon as possible because I am a licensed working doctor in Shanghai and they are happy to have me live with them, about which I am also very glad . The 1st problem is my mother now holding visa 309 is TR till a possible grant of PR in 2012. Although my step father as an Australian citizen is willing to be my sponsor, will it delay my application ? Or another put, am I eligible for this visa now? I am keeping single and don’t have any other relatives except those living in Australia. The 2nd problem is that I am now a physician working in P.R.C government, namely in the police system of justice bureau. Would it be a problem to my application? And could u please tell me how long would it normally take to get this visa? If it takes 10.5 years as it says in webpages, should I first enter Australia by a Sponsored Family Visitor visa (Subclass 679) and then apply for a Remaining Relative Visa (Onshore) (Subclass 835)) & Bridging Visa as i prefer to be in Oz ASAP. Thank u very much for your time and patience. regards Jason
  3. Hi, I just wanted to ask the question of whether I am now eligible to apply for a LRR visa because my brother has just been granted a 457 and the rest of my family (mom, dad + other brother) are all PR's. Or do I have to wait until my brother is also a PR and not just on a 457? Also, I am here on a student visa, do u know if I would be granted an onshore bridgeing visa if I did apply for Last Remaining Relative visaand what rights/restrictions would I have on that brideing visa? Any help would be great thanks.
  4. Husband and I over here on a 410 visa (10 year, renewable retirement visa, but we are classed as temporary visitors), we have a son & daughter in Sydney, both of whom are being sponsored by work & are intending to apply for the PR during 2012. We have one remaining daughter in the uk who is a 30 year old police officer. What are her best options of getting her out here visa-wise? If any of the oz police forces were recruiting she would apply but none are that we know of. At present we are thinking that she should apply for a working holiday visa before she turns 31 (end of December 2011) then come out here on that at the end of 2012 but it seems a bit temporary. Any suggestions or advice very much appreciated
  5. My Daughter and partner should get Australian residency early next year. My wife and I plan to join her on a Contributory Parent Visa. I am 61 years old and my wife 62. We are both fit and well. My wife is a qualified and experience radiographer, still working part time. I have my own company delivering training and assessments to gas, electric and water industries. I am full qualified in all aspects of Gas, Water and Part P electrics Also Cert. NEBOSH (health and safety) and Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development, Qualified Teacher (Cert. Ed.), Qualified Trainer (TDLB NVQ3 Training and Development), Qualified Internal Verifier, Assessor. Both my wife and I have good pensions giving a current income, besides our work income. We also have good savings and own our own house. The questions I have are: 1. How much will it cost for the two of us to migrate? 2. How long is the process likely to take. 3. Are we likely to get work when we Migrate and would we need to do anything to get our qualifications recognised. 4. What is the cost of living in Australia relative to England. We would like to move to Brisbane. Also our Son would like to Migrate. He is 32 years old and does admin work for a theatre. He has computer skills, and does sign language. He would be our last remaining relative. Could he enter Australia at the same time as us? What would be his costs and how long would the process take? What is the job/work position for him? Thanks for any help
  6. We are just about to apply for my brothers last remaining relative visa and just wondered at what stage during the application process they normally ask for an assurance of support. As I am AOS for my parents my partner will be AOS for my brother however he has just started his own business and so wont currently qualify. I have however read that immigration dont tend to ask for an AOS until the final stage and so with the waiting list being several years for the visa we think he will have time to either get his business going or be back at work. Can anyone advise me on this? Thanks Louise
  7. Hi there, i'm new here but really need some help. My girlfriend and i are currently living in Adelaide with her family (they wonderfully paid for us to come out here) and are currently on whv with the intention of doing 3 months rural work in order to be granted a second year. My girlfriends family are intending to get her a last remaining relative visa asap (they've been here for about 7 years). The issue is that i'm 24, and regarded as unskilled (though i'm pretty good with computers) and now we're trying to find out how i can stay here permanently. We've been together for about 18 months and since coming to Oz have got a joint bank account so that we can verify our relationship in the eyes of the law, but further to that we can't think of what to do. Would i be able to be part of the last remaining relative visa as a de facto partner? I'd happily marry her to make it official if required, but i'd rather wait a bit longer (i'm an old romantic at heart and want to do things in our own time if possible). But any advice or info you guys can give me would be appreciated beyond belief.
  8. simonwilliams

    remaining daughter

    Hi everyone hopefully can someone answer my question for me, im moving over to perth in december with husband and youngest daughter , but the eldest is staying here as she has a boyfriend and doesnt want to leave, (shes 24) what are the chances of her being able to come out if she ever hopefully changes her mind were on a state sponsored visa 176 permanent any advise would be great thanks suzanne
  9. My parents are soon to apply for the Contributory Parent visa which I understand takes about two years and we are also hoping to bring my brother over as well on a last remaining relative visa. My brother is 33 years old and would not qualify for a visa on his own. We don’t want to leave him on his own in England for long and are just wondering the best option. Does anyone know how long LMR offshore visas are currently taking to process? We understand its several years wait so were wondering what other options we have such as coming over on a 3 month tourist visa or student visa and then applying for an onshore LMR. Are they likely to impose waiver condition 8503 on either of these. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Hi, I'm June 24 years old, from Philippines. We just want to know if my mother age 53 will be granted for Last remaining relative visa in Australia. Her 3 brothers are living in Australia for more than 20 years,her both parents my Grands died in Australia years ago, but she has one brother living in US. I will be living for Australia in the next 2 months and will study there for 2 years i don't have any sibling. My father, her husband died few months ago. So she will be living alone here in Philippines. My relatives are wondering if she can have a chance to get Last Remaining Relative Visa. We will gratefully appreciate your help. Thank you very much, June
  11. Hi, I was supposed to move to australian in 2010, on the 'last remaining relative visa' -to then find out that immigration has stopped the number of people from 200 to 20 people per yr being alowed in, I have been told that my visa will be granted but just have to wait for my turn, it has upset me so much! as i wanted to start school there and everything! Is anyone going on the same visa as me?! and have been told this -have you been granted yours or are you still waiting?! Would be great to hear from someone that has have issues with there visa! Many thanks! :hug:
  12. Hi, I was supposed to move to australian in 2010, on the 'last remaining relative visa' -to then find out that immigration has stopped the number of people from 200 to 20 people per yr being alowed in, I have been told that my visa will be granted but just have to wait for my turn, it has upset me so much! as i wanted to start school there and everything! I have wondered if anyone is in /or was in the same situation as me and have been told they have to wait?! Has anyone had this problem?! Many thanks would be great to hear from someone :biggrin:
  13. Hi, Im hopefully going to australia on the 'last remaining relative visa' i was supposed to move in 2010 -but was told that it has been CAPPED! -from 200 to 20 per year allowed in! If your going to oz with this type of visa -and been told /having problems! please comment -and we can see and discuss when 'last remaining relative visa' applicants will recieve there visa! It would be very nice to know as we havent been told much! and dont know if were moving along! Many thanks :hug:
  14. Guest

    Last Remaining Relative Visa

    Does anyone know about any new rules coming into place for the Last Remaining Relative Visa? I did hear that it would take 10.5 years for my sister to get here after her application is lodged is this correct? she is 42. Living in Uk atm.
  15. Guest

    Remaining Relative Visa

    My mother and step father and brothers live in Adelaide, I am originally from England, I currently reside in the USA, with my American wife and American children. The reason I come to the states was my Dad lived here, he passed away in January this year. My mother has asked me to move down under, she and my brothers and step father are Australian citizens, which makes ME qualify for the remaining relative visa. well at least I thought untill I got to reading this below; Family in Australia You must have a brother, sister, parent (or step-equivalent) who is settled and usually resident in Australia and is one of the following: an Australian citizen an Australian permanent resident an eligible New Zealand citizen. You and your partner cannot have any other brothers, sisters, parents (or step equivalents), or non-dependent children other than those who are usually resident in Australia and are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens. I all but meet the requirements accept(the above marked in red), my spouse still has a sister and mother & father in the USA. Does anybody know if this is taken into consideration has she is my spouse and not just a partner or is that the same thing?? Spouse=Partner?? OR Is it on my family alone?? I'm needing to know as I am ready to send my forms off to the Immigration.
  16. Hi All I wonder if there is anyone out there who can give a little advice? In a nutshell I applied for a remaining relative visa June last year - was told it would take 3/4 months - was then told one year, so I decided to take the plunge, move and do my year's study in Perth but they have now made the process of my application indefinite. I have been to immigration to no avail and have contacted (via phone) two migration agents who both say that I have no other options but to wait from my application to be processed as I am not eligible for any other visa due to my age (56). Trouble is, my international student visa expires next March and I really need to get a full time job when I qualify at the end of the year! Has anyone had any good experiences with this class of visa - vis a vis, can you recommend a good migration agent who might be able to offer sound advice. Am thinking maybe a visit to my brother's local Federal MP? Any advice would be most gratefully received. Regards Janine :unsure:
  17. Guest

    remaining relative

    hi my name is sanjita and m the only remaing child in my family in fiji. my parents are deceased and my two brothers and two sisters are in Aus currently. i m also married with two children. could some one please advice as to the steps i need to take to apply for migration under last remaining relative. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I am currently studying in Perth on a student visa and will soon be eligible to lodge a last remaing relative visa as my brother will soon have PR. My question is, will I get a bridging visa to allow me to stay in oz because my student visa will soon be coming to an end? Also, will I still be able to work on the bridging visa and if so how many hors per week, as I am currently working 20hrs per week on the student visa. Thanks.
  19. Guest

    last remaining relative visas

    hi my partners parents have just become permanet residents and want to sponsor their son from uk (the other 2 live in oz) so he can apply on a last remaingin relative visa. does anyone have any idea how long the applications take? thanks tracy
  20. ikgc

    Remaining relative visa.

    My sister is a PR and she is going to get my parents to come here on CPV. I do not have any other siblings. Can she sponsor me straightaway if my parents get their visas? Or is there a maximum number of people she can sponsor? Thank you for your advice.
  21. OK Our daughter is in Aus . This is the reason we are going ourselves. She has been there 18months on a working holl visa (runs out in sept) Our perm res visa is weeks away (he says hopefully) and the plan is to sponsor her in on last remaining rellie visa so we can all stay. Issues !!!! The biological Father is still alive , he is named on the birth cert but shortly after conception he disapeared never to be seen again. He has never had any contact or paid any kind of maintainace ! She has no other brothers or sisters or anyone else and complies to the conditions of the visa (i beleive) Is this a problem and if so can it be overcome !!! Not sure if anyone can help but all thoughts welcomed !! Further more do we have to be onshore before we can commence the application ?? Cheers guys. :biggrin:
  22. Hi all, My wife and I intend to join our daughter and partner in Aus under the CPV, which from what I can make out will cost about £5,500 and take about 2 years. We are 61 year old and would still like to work, Linda is a qualified Radiographer and I am a qualified trainer/assessor/verifier in Gas, Water and some electrics. I assume we would have to have our qualifications recognised when we arrive in Australia. We would also like our son to join us all under the last remaining relative schem, about £2,000, he is 32 years old and in non skilled work. We would like to travel together or with the minimum of time between my wife and I going and our son joining us. Where do we start and what is the process? Thanks in advace for any help and sugestions. Rick
  23. frizzy1

    Last Remaining Relative Visa

    Hi all, I know for certain that I am eligible for the LRR visa but just have a few questions to help with the timing of my trip to Oz over the next couple of years and applying for the LRR Visa. Firstly, I will be going out to Oz on a 12 month tourist visa - what happens if the Tourist Visa runs out before the LRR is granted - i.e do i get a bridging visa to remain in the country? How long does the bridging visa last? If my Tourist Visa runs out before I actually apply for the LRR visa I know I will have to leave the country (assuming no employer sponsorship etc). What is the requalifying time to re-enter Oz on a further tourist visa. Finally, if my Tourist Visa has run out and say, 3 months later I apply for my LRR visa, can I get a long term visa at the time to stay in Oz? The reasons for the questions are due to the fact that my parents are applying for a CPV and I can only apply for the LRR visa once theirs is granted so need to know the implications if it is either delayed or sooner than expected. Thanks again. Frizz
  24. i am waitng on my visa coming through on a subclass 115 but they had changed the visa allocation from 2500 to 750 for 2011 i have been told i wont get mine this visa year so fingers crossed it will still come through in 2011. has anyone else been hit by this and what kind of info you getting from immi? so frustrating just wanna go join my family.