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Which migration agent?

Guest jimhoe

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Hi all,


This is my first post on here, and indeed any forum ever, so you'll have to excuse me if I do anything I shouldn't!


Currently looking at using an agent called True Blue migration, who seem extremely professional, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them, good or bad? I'd like to hear from customers rather than other agents though if thats ok?


Thier fees seem reasonable enough, and although I think we could probably do the application alone, we think its worth paying the extra if it means our application is successful. (I've been wanting to migrate for 7 years now, so it must succeed!!!!!)

The other company I'm hearing a lot of is Go Matilda- any word on them either?


Any help would be much appreciated, and would also mean that maybe we can pass on advice of our own in the future!


Many Thanks,

Jim and Amy.

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Guest KP Nuts

Hi Jim & Amy, and welcome to PIO


We have also used Go Matilda, we found them to be very good, and they have offices both in the UK & Oz, and their costs are cheaper than some we got quoted at the time.


Good luck with who you pick, and your application.


KP Nuts

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hi jim and amy we too used go matilda been v.good put us in touch with the rite people to gain qualification to get TRA!! and just about to submit visa application, Alan collett (main man @gomatilda) uses this forum but if you want any other details or contacts just ask


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Guest dunkyboy

I am using True Blue at the moment for my 176 visa application, my brother who is already over in Oz had them recommended to him by a few people who had used them, I just received the news today that the TRA have approved my skils assessment :smile:

Maryanne at True Blue was a great help with getting me through this stage, so I have been pleased with them so far

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