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  1. Dawny

    Skills assessment

    If you had a successful vettassess result in 2009, validated visa 175' returned to the uk, but is considering re applying, would you have to re do the skills assessment., lived in Australia for less than a year due to family commitments!
  2. Wishing you all the very best with your future plans and 2014 :cute:
  3. Dawny

    Must see NSW?

    we were down the central coast, The Entrance, foresters beach avoca etc, lovely feel to the area
  4. Dawny

    Don't know where to start with move back to UK....

    We booked our dog in with jet pets, they stayed with them for a few days after our flight, which meant we were able to collect them, they were well looked after and spoilt rotten. They came to the house to collect them etc.. give them all a call and they will explain it all to you and all your options x
  5. Dawny

    Mortgages for self-employed returnees

    Nope got a decent interest rate and fixed for two years. if anything the banks were charging higher rate! ,
  6. Dawny

    Mortgages for self-employed returnees

    We had the same problem, it was an estate agents finance guy that got our mortgage settled for us, where a bank wouldn't help when we went direct, but we also had added issue because hubby is self employed and we already owned our own home with no mortgage, halifax came through for us!
  7. Im not moaning about the weather at all :wink: Especially after tomorrow as last day of school... so all good here,
  8. Dawny

    What made you throw the towel in ?

    Only you can decide whats right for you, no one to say how long you should give it a good go, completely understand the lack of work and money worries, hard to be in a country with no money and lack of family members around you, maybe im too stuck in my ways, but would rather be around family network and penniless in my homeland.
  9. Great news, now to start list making :wink:
  10. Dawny

    The all new UK weather game.......

    22 down south today :cute:
  11. Dawny

    The all new UK weather game.......

    Oh no please tell me your not a new Hoff in the making.. don't think i can cope with more debates on the uk summers lmao :arghh:
  12. Dawny

    Miscarriage: Things Not to Say

    A loss of any kind is and can be very difficult for those who are going through it, But i do think that those who have never experienced a loss within their family have no real idea as what to say which can be equally as difficult for them, sometimes a nice gesture can mean the same as a 1000 words. I feel for anyone who goes through a loss of a child, its a complete feel of emptiness that you feel nothing will fill, heartache comes in waves, sadly people think you can just pick up the pieces and get on with it, This is not always the case for everyone. big ((hugs)) to you littlesarah xx
  13. Dawny

    Childhood Pranks ....

    Oh dear one of mine sounds really bad :cry: ​One of our lovely neighbours was selling up and moving so we use to pull up the sale sign on put it our grumpy neighbours front garden, also use to swap how many milk bottles were left by the milkman with people who lived next door who didn't have so many left lol
  14. Dawny

    Miscarriage: Things Not to Say

    Also the so called friend who says "i so know what your going through" My so called best friend did this to me, I kindly reminded her that her ectopic which was detected at 7 weeks was nothing compared to what i had just gone through, ( having a baby at 24 weeks, nursing her for two days until she passed away in my arms) and going through a funeral etc which were completely different, She hasn't spoken to me now for almost 12 years!!!! ​I gave her all the support at the time of her loss i could, but when i was at a loss she reverted it all back to her!
  15. Dawny

    I love you.....

    I always say it to my kids every morning and every night when they go to bed, ( and lots in between) Hubby i tell most days in the way its more (love you but no idea why lol) hubby says it to me when he either has purchased something, or thinking about purchasing something, or just upto no good :mad: