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Defacto visa help....

Guest nick1987

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Guest nick1987

Hello all!

I'm new to all this jazz but I'm hoping some one can help me out!

Me and my girlfriend have been together 5years in Feb but after being together 2years she and her family moved to Aus (we was both 17 at the time). I then went to Aus for a year when I hit 18 and after a year came home and she came back to the UK for a year. Until now I havn't had the money to even think of moving to Aus but now I do.

So we have lived together but in our parents houses and don't have joint bills or bank accounts. We have loads of proof other wise but I'm worried this might be a problem?!?!

Has any one else had this kind of problem? Also how long does it take, on average to get a yes or a no from immi?

Oh one more, would it be ok to send statements from my parents and friends in the uk, or do they have to be done by Aussies?

Thanks alot guys,


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Guest slipshot

I'm not positive on all this but I would think that if you were together prior to being 18, this 'may' not be counted by DIAC, and thus could be irrelevant. SO, guessing you are 20/21 now (assuming 1987 is your year of birth), I assumed you spent a lot of time living together, or near enough, when you lived there and she lived here? If so, did you fly together on ETA's? Then the dates would be the same?


I don;t think joint bills means everything - if as you say you have loads of other proof, then it may be sufficient.


In regards statements (stat-decs), given you have lived in Aus for a time I'd say you would be wise to get statements from both sides of the (large) pond - it would look strange if you had spent a year in Aus yet knew no-one well enough to get a stat-dec from them. A combination of both would look the best.


Finally, once all forms are in (it may depend on whether they ask for From 80 to subsequently be completed), I received confirmation of a visa some 2 days after they received Form 80. Thus it seems to be very quick to process... that's the best news!


Good luck chap.



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