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clevland,ormisten,thornlands schools?


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Guest lj walker

Hi sorry not able to offer any advice on your question about schools for your daughter but would also be interestered in advice.


Lisa x

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I can only speak about Ormiston from first hand knowledge. 2 of my child are there. It's ok as a school, but not great. My kids are happy which is very important, but the school itself doesn't push my buttons.


Ormiston College is great as a school. I also have a child there. My other children will be going there as soon as I can get them in.


I have heard that Thornlands State Primary is a very good school - but that is someone else's opinion, I have not been there. I have no idea about Cleveland I'm afraid.


I think that in this area none of the schools are going to be really bad. When you get here I would visit each of the schools you think you might be interested in and see which one feels the best fit for you.


Good luck



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