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Grandma taking grandchildren without their parents

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I am taking two of my grandchildren to Sydney to see their cousins. I am 73 year old and the girls are 16, 13. I know, I must be mad!!

Do I need to take anything with me from their parents to say I have permission?

I realise we will all have to have visitor visas, but just checking whether there is anything else to do.....

Many thanks for any help or advice....

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It can't hurt.   Whilst you'll probably sail straight through immigration with hardly a glance, it could save you some time and stress at the airport.

Get permission to take a child abroad - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

We once had a challenge on our return trip because our kids were crying so hard after saying goodbye to their Aussie relatives that the border security folks were suspicious.  They insisted that my wife and I shut up, move back and let them ask the blubbering kids what was wrong and hear in their own voices the answer. It only took 5 minutes but it was quite confronting.

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My dual national partner was living in Perth and used to travel with just his (under age) son, also dual national, on annual visits to grandparents in UK. They used to get stopped at border control both ways because there was no mum travelling. Son used to get questioned separately from dad. Would agree you should over-equip yourself with evidence as well as approvals.

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