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  1. I applied for my and my husbands e651 on 6/11. Mine was granted before I had even finished entering my husbands details! His has come through today, so we are ready to finish the exemptions and Sydney here we come....Enjoy when you get there
  2. Stellathedog

    Evisitor (651) and exemption processing times

    It must be an age thing, but I am finding this all so confusing! We have flights for early next year, so thought I would start the ball rolling for visas and exemptions. I applied for 651 for myself and while I was entering my husbands application, my visa was granted!? Husbands still says 'received' I thought they wouldn't issue a visa until the exemption process had been followed? My question now is do I still need to file an exemption, as I already have the visa?
  3. Brilliant for him, and you! Just wondered when he is looking to travel? That is, how far in advance has he applied?
  4. We actually booked flights for February back at the beginning of October. We'd decided that by February, Sydney would be 'open' . Prices have risen so much already since then, although we were using credits from 2 years ago!!! If we applied for the e-visitor, would 'they' tell us if an exemption was necessary?
  5. Stellathedog

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    This is Glenelg, Adelaide on our last visit to see our daughter in Sydney. Can't wait for the borders to be opened again. Got so many credit notes to use, Etihad, Thai Airways and Luxury Escapes to name a few At least we are alive and totally vaccinated, ready for action, just need Aussies to get their vaccine program sorted!!!
  6. Stellathedog

    Sydney escape rooms

    Thank you Pom Queen, will check it out
  7. Stellathedog

    Sydney escape rooms

    Like most grandparents in UK, I'm looking to get a special Christmas present for the grandkids, mine are in Sydney. I thought tickets to an escape room for the family might be good, but need recommendations please? Kids are boy aged 10 and his sister is 8 The family are in Manly area, but would be more than happy to go into the city.
  8. Congratulations Kath! I am here in Sydney at the moment and have all four of my grandchildren together! You will have such a wonderful time with your new 'little one' I do understand your comments regarding your Mum, I had my Mum with us for the last few years of her life. Whatever you choose to do will be right, and your Mum will support you, in her more err 'comprehending' moments!! Congrats again for your new arrival !! Enjoy xx
  9. Hi Phoebe and Happy New Year to you! Just wondered how your recuperation is going? Hopefully all good! Sorry, I can't answer your question, but I too would love to know peoples thoughts! I was lucky enough to visit my family in Sydney again in October(that made 3 trips in 12months!) and then a last minute surprise they came to us over Christmas! I was like the proverbial dog with two tails, so excited to get all four grandchildren together. When you start adding the costs of flights etc, it makes the visa seem a bit more realistic (no nicer, just more realistic!) Having a a few health problems at the moment, so I am glad that I have made the trips when I did. Again, hope your health is getting better and you will soon be going back to see your Harry etc Cheers Pam
  10. Stellathedog

    Abu Dhabi airport 9hr layover on my own

    Thanks for all your replies and recommendations. I tried booking the new Premier Inn, as it is walking distance from the airport, but all booked up, left it too late! Now I am booked into hotel on Yas Island, so hopefully will get a few hours sleep and, more importantly, will wake up in time to get back to the airport!!!! Thanks again everyone.
  11. Stellathedog

    Abu Dhabi airport 9hr layover on my own

    Thanks for putting the 'whatsits' on me!!!! I appreciate what you say and will try to get something at the airport, whether it's a room at the hotel or one of the 'pod' chairs!! Serves me right for booking 'on a whim', the flights had been going up by the day!! and when I 'pushed the button' it said only 2 seats left!! I keep saying it's only a day, but I would rather it wasn't a 'brain-numbing' day! Thanks Adonna
  12. Stellathedog

    Abu Dhabi airport 9hr layover on my own

    I booked to go visit my daughter and grandchildren next week, but left it so late that the only 'reasonable' ticket I could get was with a 9 hour layover at Abu Dhabi. I am travelling on my own and have never been through Abu Dhabi before. My question is what is the airport hotel like for an elderly female on her own and has anyone tried the 'pod type' chair beds that they have now? I arrive at 00.50 and don't depart until 10.30ish. The actual flights don't bother me, just a bit wary when I don't know what to do in a strange place:arghh: Any help/advice gratefully received. Cheers Pam
  13. Oh Phoebe.........aaarrgghh! Looks like I jumped the gun again...........what an absolute **** thing to happen! Next time it's scheduled, I'm not sending you good wishes, maybe then it will all go ahead ok!! Thinking of you sunshine!
  14. Hi Phoebe That is great news after all this time!! I'm sure you are as excited/nervous as if you were going to Oz to see your new grandchildren?! Hope your recovery is speedy and you are soon planning your trip back to Oz. Be thinking of you tomorrow. Cheers, Pam