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Selling Previous Main Residency in the UK - CGT

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Hi all, we would appreciate some guidance from any one who has been through a similar situation, or has a understanding of the CG tax implications. 

Also would appreciate a recommendation of someone/company here in Australia that specialises in UK/Australian tax.


  1. Me and my wife bought house in UK 2014 - £ 240,000 
  2. Property was our main residence until we moved to Australia 2018 and became Aus. tax resident
  3. Bought Australian property 2022.  
  4. UK property has been rented out since 2018 (earnings have declared on both UK and Aus. Tax returns)
  5. Now want to sell the UK property (Approx. get £310,00)

Would be great to get some info on what we possibly might owe, be that to HMRC, here in Australia or to both.


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