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Student visa tax rate

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The tax rates for 2023/24 are here:

Tax rates – Australian resident | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au)

There is an annual tax free threshold of $18,000 but the tax rates above do not include the Medicare levy of 2%.  Employers generally withhold an amount from pay-as-you-go wages which includes the Medicare levy and an adjustment - refund or extra payment - will be  made once her  tax return has been assessed by the Australian Tax Office at the end of the financial year.

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There is no "Student visa tax rate". The only visa with a separate tax rate is the Working Holiday Visa, students pay the same tax rates and get the same allowances as everyone else. The annual tax-free threshold is $18,200 ($350 per week), but that is reduced if you are not in Australia for the full tax year (but you still get about 60% of it even if you are only in the country for a month). There's also a low-income tax offset which means you don't pay any tax if your income is below $21,884 in a full year (you'll still get tax withheld if you're weekly paid and you earn more than $350 in any week, but you'll get the tax back at the end of the year).

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