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  1. An attack on a foreign sovereign nation in which civilians were killed would be a declaration of war. The Israelis know that even if you don't. That's why they didn't do it.
  2. If you are going to declare war on Qatar, probably best to check who their allies are and what military assets they and their allies have in range of your country.
  3. Ken

    Australia mortgages question

    Brookfield is in Brisbane itself. Brisbane isn't like Melbourne or Sydney where only the CBD is in the city and the rest of the Metro area comprises other cities. Brisbane is one big city.
  4. My brother had chickenpox but I didn't have any symptoms. The doctor at the time said he suspected that I'd had it but without any symptoms (but they didn't do tests in those days).
  5. Maybe we should have a referendum on it? Those things never stoke up any racial issues. Besides it doesn't matter in a referendum whether or not the Northern Territory votes for or against it.
  6. Neither side wants a 2 state solution. From my armchair I can't even tell which of the two sides you are talking about when you say "one side".
  7. "The lighter blue is ALL territories that Israel invaded and still occupies." That's rather ambiguously phrased. Most of the lighter blue in no longer occupied by Israel but has been returned to Egypt.
  8. He used excessive force to kill somebody and was clearly a bad cop, so he should be in jail. You're right that it may not have been racially motivated as he'd probably have done the same to anyone - but justice was served.
  9. I'm surprised nobody has explained this to you before, but you can't take it with you. If you want a say in what happens to your assets after you die, write a will.
  10. Ken

    Netflix & Stan

    He's the presenter/interviewer (and probably Executive Producer too). He's a big Formula 1 fan and I think had a lot of involvement in getting the show made.
  11. Ken

    Australia mortgages question

    Finding somewhere to rent is probably going to be a big headache. Rental vacancies are at all-time lows.
  12. Ken

    Australia mortgages question

    I've never understood the banks aversion to lending to the self-employed. Their income can be volatile, but they don't get made redundant or sacked and lose all their income overnight as so often happens with employed people. There is of course an exception with contractors that only have one customer - but they shouldn't really be considered self-employed in the first place.
  13. "Put it into government coffers"? You are clearly making that up. Government coffers have been empty for centuries. There is nothing but a National Debt.
  14. Brexit wasn't the only thing the great British public voted on in 2016. They also voted to name the new Antarctic research ship "Boaty McBoatface". The British voter likes to have a good laugh. For some inexplicable reason the country's elected government decided to be the grown up and took the undemocratic path on that occasion.
  15. Ken

    Claiming Private UK Pension

    If you are only intending to return to the UK "for a while" you will most likely not terminate your Australian residency and so will still be taxable in Australia. If however you are going to be spending a few years outside of Australia it might work, but there's a whole host of issues that could either make you still deemed to a resident of Australia or cost you more tax as a non-resident of Australia. You need to look closely at what assets that you'll have in Australia as well as well as what other ties you will have.