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  1. Ken

    COVID 408 Visa

    Apparently you can extend it:- If you currently hold a COVID-19 Pandemic event visa that is about to expire you may be eligible for another COVID-19 Pandemic event visa if: you wish to remain in Australia to continue working in a critical sector, or you are unable to depart Australia before the expiry of your visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) Australian Government endorsed events (COVID-19 Pandemic event) (homeaffairs.gov.au)
  2. Ken


    No, up to the age of 67 it doesn't matter if you are working or not. Between 67 and 75 you have to be working. Over 75 you can't invest even if you are working (although your employer must still pay SGC contributions to your super account).
  3. You're right. It they'd struck a deal for the TV rights with one of his companies before hand, the result may well have been different.
  4. Ken


    There are age restrictions on investing in Super (if that is part of the strategy).
  5. And the people used their power to insist that all the power should remain with the FA, UEFA and FIFA so their fat cat officials could all have well paid jobs for life. It's not exactly a fairy tale ending is it? One of the funniest things is that the Premier League announced how they were opposed to the ESL. Either they don't remember the history of how the Premier League came into existence or they don't understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy.
  6. Ken

    Travel caps and Human Rights

    You may be right. Despite a UN commitment in 1988, Polio has still not been completely eradicated.
  7. Ken

    Travel caps and Human Rights

    Even once Australia is fully vaccinated it will just take a single person to start an outbreak. None of the vaccine are 100% effective and even where they are highly effective that effectiveness is expected to decline over time. The vaccines are a great boon as they appear to prevent the worst symptoms and will significantly reduce the number of deaths, but they're not going to prevent outbreaks from happening. It will take decades to eradicate the disease from the planet.
  8. Ken

    UK mortgage while in Australia

    It's not actually the money laundering laws as such. It's the requirement to comply with both UK financial services rules and Australian financial services rules (both of which include money laundering laws). For your original mortgage they didn't have to comply with Australian rules because you didn't live in Australia but for the new loan you are an Australian resident so they have to obey Australian law - including that the person you deal with is the holder of an Australian Financial Services licence. Probably your UK bank don't have a mortgage consultant in the UK with an Australian Financial Services licence (perhaps they do as there are a lot of Australians working for UK banks, but the banks risk managers probably don't know enough about Australian law anyway for them to know what the risks to the bank are). It's not impossible for them to meet the requirements but as you say it's in the too hard box. Australian banks incidentally don't give mortgages on property in the UK because they would have to comply with UK law (as well as Australian law) and again that puts it into the too hard box.
  9. M&S probably don't have the right to distribute these brands outside the UK.
  10. Silver thrupenny bits were minted until 1919. Silver sixpences continued to be minted (until 1967 plus some collectors coins in 1970) but from 1920 the silver content was changed from 925 fine silver to 500 fine silver (meaning a reduction in the silver content from 92.5% to 50%). I don't know if the reduced silver content was bad for Christmas puddings or not, but perhaps your Mum was wise to be cautious and to keep on using the pre-1919 coinage! "those odd shaped brass things" were introduced in 1937 but silver thrupenny bits were still in circulation alongside them.
  11. I've only ever come across heeler and definitely granny smith. I know it's been called a grey nurse because they used to be rare but It's green not grey so it ruins the logic of all the other nicknames. For anyone who still thinks this is gibberish, Australian bank notes are given nicknames based on their colours.
  12. Some of us have four injections a day when we're not getting vaccinated. Trust me a few pin pricks won't aren't going to be noticeable.
  13. Ken

    Capital Gains Tax on UK property due in Australia?

    That's a very sound assumption. You would think you would have to do that, but no. The rules are that when the Main Residence rules apply (and even when you theoretically "electing" to apply them to a period after you stopped living there) you ignore the capital gain - meaning it isn't reported at all. If I was designing the tax form I'd have a box for the gain and another for the main residence deduction but the ATO have a much more Cavalier approach and just don't want to know anything.
  14. Ken

    Citizenship application help pls

    It's a long time since I filled in that form so I can't remember what options there are other than "working" but yes you definitely have to report that you visited the UK after being granted PR - you even need to record the period from Feb 2017 to March 2017 for completeness - and as the period in the UK totals more than 6 months you'll need to provide a UK police check.
  15. Ken

    Pound v Aussie Dollar - what will happen next?

    You can open a multi-currency account with Wise (used to be Transferwise) or one of the other transfer companies (I mention Wise specifically because they now operate as a proper bank account complete with debit card) almost instantly and then put as much as you want in to Australian Dollars. Unlike with the Australian banks you don't have to walk in to a bank in Australia and prove your identity before being able to make a withdrawal. Once you've moved you'll probably still want to get an account with a bank in Australia but for having a debit card from day one it would have been very useful for us (we'd opened an account with one of the big-4 banks in advance, and even had a card but we still couldn't use it until we'd gone in to a branch to activate it).