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  1. 18 years olds can raise children in the future but none have done it yet (not even those who gave birth at the age of 12) they only know the now as they have no experience of anything else. To suggest they should have more say than someone who has done 50 years of working life, has raised children and grandchildren and actually knows things is ludicrous. As to the Brexit fiasco, that had nothing to do with the voters and everything to do with the politicians who hijacked the result and insisted that "Brexit means Brexit" when it actually meant "Brexit" an entirely different thing. You asked in one of your other posts "what is the relevance of something that happened a generation ago". The relevance is that those who don't learn from history (or in your case don't remember it) are bound to repeat it.
  2. Ken


    11 months from application to ceremony is back to pre-covid timescales. Excellent news for everyone (assuming your timescale is the average and not an outlier).
  3. 18 year olds don't have the necessary life experience to vote let alone 16 year olds. It's also impossible for someone that young to take a long term view of anything. They think 3 years is a long time. Something that shocked me the other month were the reports of just how many mortgage holders had never experience a rate hike - and yet we let these people vote?
  4. The worst lockdowns were in Victoria which had a Labor state government. The Labor vote however held up well while the Coalition did badly. The voters clearly weren't kicking back against the lockdowns - although they may have been kicking back against ScoMo calling NSW "the Gold standard". That was never going to go down well with Victorian voters. Western Australia didn't have tough lockdowns but their Labor government did lock them off from the rest of Australia and again ScoMo criticised them for doing so. The Coalition did badly in WA. Don't forget than on top of Covid ScoMo's term in office was marked by Bushfires and floods. This convinced Australian voters that climate change deniers are in denial.
  5. Not entirely the whole story. Division 1's name was not changed to the premiership. Division 1 kept it's name after the premiership was created (it just filled up with Division 2 teams when most of the old teams moved to the breakaway Premiership) until it's name was changed to the championship for the 2004-05 season onwards. But for those of us old enough to remember football before 1992 it is far easier to think of the Premiership as Division 1 and the Championship as Division 2.
  6. According to his original post he didn't return to Australia until May (several years after moving to the UK) with the sale having completed in April. There doesn't appear to be any reason to believe he was non-resident in the UK when the property was sold. Nor does there appear to be any reason to believe he was resident in Australia so Australian CGT does not come in to play.
  7. Ken


    I'm aware that's what happens when someone goes overseas for a short period. However is that what happens when someone goes overseas long term as the OP did? Perhaps, perhaps not. Hopefully he'll let us know.
  8. Ken


    Yes, the residency requirement is frozen at the date of application but that won't apply if you need to make a new application. It depends upon whether your application can be resumed or not. That will depend upon whether your previous application was put on hold or was cancelled.
  9. Ken


    If you find a way to do that then please let us know on PIO. Unfortunately I would expect that you need to make a fresh application and you will need to wait until you are eligible to do so (in May 2025 when you'll have been in the country for 3 out of the previous 4 years provided you don't leave the country before then).
  10. No, the only two things you need do arto register to vote (pre covid they always had someone from the AEC to hand out and return forms to - but it may all have switched to online now) and to obtain a passport (if you are going overseas - because as a citizen you are prohibited from entering Australia on a foreign passport and your visa was cancelled as soon as you obtained citizenship anyway) As far as anything else goes the rules are identical for a PR and a citizen so your change of status is irrelevant.
  11. Ken


    Of all the companies I run the payroll for (or have done in the past) I've never known an employee to do one of these downward PAYG variations, but a surprising large number have chosen to do upward variations.
  12. Ken


    Those forms do still exist (it's called a PAYG withholding variation). To reduce the tax withheld it has to be lodged with the ATO and they then authorise the employer to reduce the withholding. It takes at least a month to process and the ATO don't accept any applications after the 30th April due to the processing times. They are almost always only used for investments and are sadly mostly spruiked for poor investments that people wouldn't invest in if it weren't for the tax incentives. Note however that if you want more tax withheld (say because you've got a lot of untaxed income and don't like a big bill shock at the end of the year) you can just ask your employer to do a voluntary extra withholding at any time.
  13. Ken


    All Australian tax deductions are on what the UK calls the Week 1/Month 1 basis. There's no concept of a cumulative basis. Your payroll department can't help with that. Instead everyone who pays tax does a tax return after the year end to get their overpayments back. Obviously anyone who's had some untaxed income (e.g. on renting a property in the UK) may have to pay some tax rather than get a refund. There is extra encouragement at the moment because the LMITO (Low and Middle Income Tax Offset) will give all the middle income tax earners an extra $1,500 refund this year (or reduce the amount of tax they would have had to pay by that amount). Your tax free allowance is pro-rated as you weren't resident for the full year, so you'll only get it from Feb to June but the other tax bands (e.g. 19%) are not pro-rated so you'll get the full amount despite only having 3 months of income.
  14. Irresponsible? Seeking an early inherritance? It's a fine line and impossible to prove in court.
  15. If I was asked my answer would be "Malaysian Airlines". As in MH370. Of course one of the theories around the disappearance did involve one of the pilots having a Mental Health issue but I'm sure it's just a coincidence.