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  1. Ken


    The forms change regularly so it may no longer be the case, but I know my wife had to include our son's details on her form even though he was already a citizen since it required the details of all children not just those for whom citizenship was being applied for. There was a question "Does the applicant have any children under 16 years of age that are not applying for citizenship within this application?" Once you answer yes you need to fill in their details.
  2. Attestation is an obsolete process for confirming a photocopy sent by post is a genuine copy of the original. There's no point to it now that documents are scanned and emailed because you can't tell if the attestation is real. That said if there is some reason you can't take the original document with you to the test/interview you would then need an attested copy.
  3. Well you all taken a completely different interpretation to "Your one word that separates the UK from Australia" that I did when I read the title of this thread. The word that jumped out to me was "Pasta". Because Australian don't know how to pronounce it.
  4. Ken

    Partner visa trouble

    I think you need to talk to a third agent. Clearly one of the two you spoke to knows something the other one doesn't. Leaving your chances of success to one side for the moment, it's vital to know if in your situation you are allowed to apply for a partner visa or not and with one of these agents saying you are not allowed to apply and other saying you are allowed to apply you need to find out which one of them is the idiot.
  5. They should check with a migration agent to see if they would be better off establishing an Australian Branch rather than an Australian Subsidiary. An Australian Branch can be an Australian employer just as easily as a Subsidiary. The advantage is that it's legally part of the original company rather than legally a new start up company with no history behind it that happens to be owned by the original company. I don't know if it would help or hinder the company's ability to sponsor an employee but definitely worth exploring the legal niceties with the lawyers and migration agents.
  6. Ken

    Your Future, Your Super reforms – what they mean for you

    They seem to have taken the most complicated route with this "stapling". For about the last 5 years all employers have been required to have employees sign a Super Choice Form upon joining. There is the option on that form to tick a box to use the employer's choice of fund (which is really aggravating for small employers if they choose that because they then have to set one up). Would have been so much easier if they had simply required that option to be removed from the form.
  7. Definitely is easier if you are married because you then have a marriage certificate. The rule are that a defacto couple will be treated the same a married couple but you need to put together a lot of evidence to prove that you are a defacto couple whereas that is normally covered by one piece of paper for a married couple. I say normally because of course if they have any concerns (and if you got married immediately before applying that might be the case) they can ask for more evidence.
  8. Ken

    Medicare yellow

    It's hospital cover insurance that exempts you from the MLS not anything else that might be bundled in. If you get hospitalised in a public hospital then Medicare claim the Medicare rate from the insurance company. If you get hospitalised in a public hospital and don't have hospital cover then Medicare can't recover anything which is why you have to pay more tax if you are a higher earner. If you've got a very basic hospital cover only policy you might not see any benefit other than the tax saving but that doesn't mean the policy isn't doing anything.
  9. Ken

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    What do you mean "with no caps"? There have been caps for almost 16 months now (all based on the tiny number of quarantine spaces available which is why airlines are only allowed to sell a ridiculously small number of seats per flight). American Airlines have just cancelled all of their flights from the US to Australia because they are already operating in the US at pre-Covid load factors and most international routes (other than Australia) aren't far behind so they are going to use their aircraft where they are most needed. Pre-Covid Australia had an average of 400,000 overseas arrivals per week. Allowing for two weeks of quarantine that would technically need 800,000 quarantine spaces. I think the actual number has been around 12,000 - but since the beginning of July they've halved it.
  10. Ken

    PAYG...Sole Traders...Super...

    Actually businesses are required to pay Super (and Payroll tax if over the threshold) for Sole Trader contractors - although many dodge the requirement and sole traders are rarely in a position to enforce their right to Super if they want to keep on working for that business.
  11. I think the problems being referred to are those of getting in to the country due to Covid, not those of getting in to a bank branch once they've arrived. As of the beginning of this month Morrison announced that only 3,000 travellers a week would be allowed in to Australia. That number doesn't include travellers from New Zealand (or celebrities apparently) so the total number of arrivals is a lot higher than that - but pre-covid arrivals into Australia averaged 400,000 per week.
  12. Ken


    My ceremony was back in 2016 long before Covid. It still took 8 or 9 months between Approval (which was posted the same day as the test) and Ceremony. In the end the Ceremony was one organised by the department as the local council waiting list was just getting longer and longer.
  13. I live in Australia, what fee am I charged to hold large amounts of money? | Wise Help Centre If you want to know how to find that on their website, at the very top of the screen select the Multi Currency Account drop down and from that choose pricing. On the screen that appears you'll see a list of Account Pricing all say "Free" until you get to the last item "Hold 50+ currency balances" where you click on "See Free Allowances".
  14. There was a time when motor racing had an enormous death toll. People still watched - and some would claim it was the prospect of someone getting killed that attracted the crowds.
  15. I think not having to put up with Liz Cambage had a lot to do with Australia's improvement in form. However the commentators were right. The US team was lacking a lot of its star players who will be back for the real Olympics.