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  1. Ken

    Corona Virus

    How many of them will need to quarantine on the way back? I know WA (and NZ) still require a 14 day quarantine but I don't know about the other states listed. Makes a big difference if you are trying to attract tourists and business travellers.
  2. Ken

    Corona Virus

    As far as Murdoch's papers are concerned, most of the LNP are left wingers (including ScoMo) so they need to describe the Labor party as the extreme left wing.
  3. Ken

    Corona Virus

    The one part of Australia that is acting very differently is WA. They are going to keep their hard border closure until March even though the rest of Australia has committed to reopen the borders with each other (including Victoria) by Christmas. Sure people can live a fairly normal life within WA - but they aren't allowed to go anywhere else.
  4. Ken

    UK Private Pension Withdrawal in OZ

    Some funds are better than others at the provision of information, but no, it's not very easy - especially as most still like to send the information by post and even if they are willing to set you up with online access will need to post you a password to get you started. Technically it's the past fund balances that you want rather than the statement of performance - although obviously the two are closely connected once you stop paying in to a fund. Those fund managers that do give online access often provide very little history. Appointing a tax agent will extend your lodgement deadline.
  5. Ken

    Corona Virus

    Only 1 new case today - but I still think we are a long way off any other state reopening their border with Victoria. Unless the Federal government are going to step in and demand the borders be reopened Dan has no choice but to keep on the same track (albeit with some loosening due to be announced tomorrow).
  6. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    A free trade deal with the EU would have been the easiest in human history, except immediately after the vote to leave the EU was concluded it was hijacked by radicals who insisted that "Brexit means Brexit" and leaving the EU was not enough. Rather than leaving the EU, "Brexit means Brexit" apparently means not being able to make any agreements with the EU (and quite possibly not even trading with the EU). Plenty of countries that aren't in the EU have no difficulties trading with the EU - Norway was always the one that was mentioned during the Brexit campaign. But apparently a Norway type agreement didn't meet the radicals definition of "Brexit means Brexit".
  7. Ken

    UK Private Pension Withdrawal in OZ

    A) You have to declare some of those earnings. The part that doesn't need to be declared is the part that was earned before you became resident in Australia. Unfortunately that's not always an easy number to get to, but it is at least easier for a defined contribution policy that it is for a defined benefit policy. If you were able to obtain the value of your pension fund on the date you moved back to Australia (that presumably being the date you resumed Australian Tax Residency) it would be relatively straight forward because the taxable amount is the amount your fund grew from then to day it was paid into your UK bank account and the only complication would be the conversion to AUD. You are unlikely to have a statement on that date however, in which case it would need to be estimated by calculating from the values on dates that you do have. Incidentally there is excellent communication between HMRC and the ATO. As soon as you claimed your tax back because of being an Australian Tax Payer HMRC will have notified the ATO. Don't go thinking that the ATO don't know about it because it's in your UK bank account. B) No, you can't offset that. If you didn't use it when (and if) you could it's gone and in any case it was only valid for Australian Super withdrawals.
  8. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Norway's not in the EU (but still in that part of the world). How are they coping? Is there really a noticeable difference to how countries inside and outside the EU survive for you to have to care about when the best time to leave the EU is?
  9. Ken

    Corona Virus

    Of course if you held the protest all by yourself you'd be socially distanced!
  10. Ken

    Corona Virus

    What do you mean no cases? Our 14 day average just increased from 9.4 a day to 9.5 a day. We're waiting anxiously to hear what Dan is going to do to tighten restrictions.
  11. Ken

    Corona Virus

    It's a big secret. So big that if they told you they'd have to kill you (which is why only conspiracy theorists know about it).
  12. Ken

    Corona Virus

    I've got relatives in Devon complaining that the Police wouldn't even let them take walks on Dartmoor (about as socially distanced an activity as you can get) while at the same time allowing caravaners to stream in from all over the country. They clearly do not have a clue.
  13. Not necessarily. There's an exemption for your Principal Place of Residence which can last for up to 6 years after you ceased to live there.
  14. Ken

    Corona Virus

    Mike Pence (being the US vice president) takes over both the Presidency and Trump's place on November's ballot if Trump dies. No mystery there. Not seen any evidence that Mike Pence was ever able to pull any of Trump's strings
  15. Ken

    Tax Residency Status

    You haven't provided enough detail as to why you think you're not tax resident but I suspect you think it's something that applies separately to each tax year and that you have to be in Australia for 6 months every year? However once you become tax resident you remain tax resident until you do something to cease it (such as becoming tax resident elsewhere). If you permanently depart the country part way through a tax year you should be tax resident for part of the year and non-resident for the remainder of the year. Tax Residents who leave Australia temporarily and not permanently have difficulty shaking their tax residency.