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  1. Ken

    Netflix & Stan

    Everything is supposed to be explained in series 3. Unfortunately, Netflix never did make a series 3.
  2. Ken

    How is Megan doing so far?

    The latest story is that Harry could be thrown out of the US due to the drug taking he's admitted to in his book. One important point is what be put in his visa application. There's an attempt being made to get that application released under the freedom of information act, since if he can be shown to have lied on the application his visa is invalid.
  3. Why only a month? They're proud of being gay so why aren't they proud for the other 11 months of the year too? It doesn't make sense.
  4. There's a lot less dumping of raw sewage now than there was in the past - which is why it now gets a lot of publicity when it happens while in the old days it was just considered normal practice.
  5. But how does that affect his ability to present TV programmes?
  6. Ken

    UK Pension Transfer to OZ SMSF via TorFX

    NAB didn't acquire Citibank Australia in order to close it down. Your account will be open for the long term. However, if you look on their website there is no mention of foreign currency accounts. This would appear to be a service that Citibank provided that NAB have not continued.
  7. Ken

    Transfer money from UK

    I don't think the problem is with the safety of you using your wise account, but with scammers getting people to transfer to their wise account. Virgin money has therefore decided that the risk that someone asking to transfer money to a wise account is being scammed is too high for them to bear.
  8. Ken

    How is Megan doing so far?

    No, it Harry had never met Megan he would have remained the same well adjusted young man he always was.
  9. Ken

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester was the brother of both King Edward VIII and King George VI. By the time he died in 1974 he was very much a lower tier royal.
  10. Ken

    Mortgage Requirements in Oz

    If the bank considers the contracting to be self-employment, she'll need 2 years of accounts not 12 months.
  11. That's never stopped the Daily Mail before.
  12. The definition of poverty changes over time. At one point families whose children didn't have shoes were considered to be in poverty. If that were still the definition, we could say that poverty was irradicated in the UK. The current measure (as used in the child poverty act 2010) is a household income below 60% of Median income. This measure make poverty practically impossible to irradicate since raising incomes to compensate raises the median income and so puts people back into poverty. Weirdly a recession that reduced incomes (and which would also be far worse for the poorest as they don't have any savings) would take many people out of poverty because of the reduction in median income.
  13. That would be a balance transfer (unless your current finance company has a pay by credit card option - which is very unlikely). The difference is that when you make a credit card purchase the company that you buy from pays a fee to the credit card company (sometimes that fee is charged back to you as a credit card surcharge) so the balance on your card is more than it cost the credit card company. When you make a balance transfer your new credit card company has to pay the full amount and doesn't receive anything back from your old lender so the balance on your card is the same as it cost the credit card company (and possibly less if you consider the bank fees that the credit card company had to pay).
  14. I'm less worried about the drag queen than a "male or female" teacher. What is it with this woke generation? Can't they just pick a lane?
  15. Ken

    Budget May 2023

    It depends upon what you do with the money. If you are using it to grow the economy faster than you are increasing your borrowing you will not run out.