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  1. Back in the UK I always had my car's climate control set to 19 degrees (to cool to in summer and to warm up to in winter), but I find that temperature way too cold in Australia whatever the season.
  2. I think he means advice as to when the best time to withdraw the money is.
  3. You've only named one city that is a non capital city - Newcastle (population 390,500 in 2021). Smaller than Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow but admittedly not York (population 156,100 in 2021). That's because people naturally think of York when they think of a city in Yorkshire whereas the real cities are Leeds (population 812,000 in 2021) and Sheffield (population 556,500 in 2021).
  4. Wasn't Wymeswold a movie starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey?
  5. He's only Scottish when he loses. When he wins he's British.
  6. Ken

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    That and his car crash TV interview does indeed put him under suspicion. But as I said I've never put any store by the photo and really don't understand why it gets so much attention.
  7. Ken

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    Regardless of whether or not the photo is legit, it's completely meaningless. It's perfectly normal for famous people to have strangers come up and ask to pose for a photo with them. That doesn't mean they know who the people they are posing with are. It's certainly doesn't mean they've slept with them.
  8. Ken

    How many members were here from the start?

    I know I've been on the site since 2008 (when we first started thinking of moving) but I notice that my official join date isn't until 2010. Possibly I set up a new profile when I changed my email address or I was just a "guest" before that, but it's so long ago I don't remember!
  9. Ken

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Possibly they only work for the NHS 3 days a week and work in the private/corporate sector the rest of the time. Others will be on a route to retirement and would be working 0 days a week but know the NHS has shortages and don't want to leave it in the lurch.
  10. But we don't all have Polish Grandma's! My son was lucky enough to have his (Ukrainian) Grandma here in Australia for Grandparent's day last year. In Australia it's the last Sunday in October. That meant he had her at the school event (they always have a special event in the week before for Grandparents to come in) for the first time ever.
  11. Without the TV money then the prize money and appearance fees would be a lot smaller. I don't see many players asking to have the payments slashed so they can get to bed early. Besides some years it's ridiculously hot on a summer afternoon in Melbourne but a change has come through by the evening so it's actually healthier to play in the evening.
  12. Time zones in Europe and the US. They're the ones the matches are scheduled for because they spend a lot for the TV rights.
  13. We didn't move to Australia until our son was almost two years old, so not in the same situation, but it does mean I can tell you something about when you return to Australia. You'll need to take the evidence of your child's vaccinations to a GP. They can then upload that vaccination information on to the national vaccination database. It's not an issue for a vaccination to be given overseas when it's the same as the Australian vaccination.
  14. Ken

    Malaysia Airlines

    British Airways, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines, Air Berlin, Asiana Airlines and Tawan's China Airlines had all been detouring to avoid the east Ukraine route before the incident. There may have been other airlines that were doing so but that's from a very quick google search.
  15. Ken

    Malaysia Airlines

    The issue with the plane shot down by the Ukrainian rebels is that the Rebel government had announced to the world that they acquired a BUK missile system before the incident and had told airlines to stay clear. Many airlines were avoiding that airspace as a result. Malaysian did not - probably because that would have used a little more fuel (could possibly be because they listened to the Ukrainian government's denial that the rebels had any BUK missiles though). I'm happier with airlines that take the cautious approach. As to the missing plane - perhaps any airline would have had the same problem, but it seems wrong to me that an airline doesn't know where its aircraft are at all times when even your average trucking company knows the exact location of all its trucks (and the drivers can't just switch it off). It's a long time since I last flew with Malaysian (23 years ago to be precise) which is far too long ago to judge what they are like now (and in any case they were a muchness with any other airline back then) but I'd hesitate to fly with them today. I might put them ahead of the Chinese airlines - my concern there being if they had a safety issue, they'd keep it as a state secret so the Chinese regulator saying they're safe becomes meaningless.