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  1. The one for Melbourne isn't called Poms in Melbourne (or even Poms in Victoria) it's Life in Victoria (www.lifeinvictoria.com). It still exists but appears little used. The most recent post on the site was 21 hours ago but appears to be a spammer promoting anti-virus software. The most recent post on the Money & Finance forum was in 2016 and several other forums were last used in 2017. Update: Just took another look and it seems all the most recent posts and new topics are Spam. I suspect even the sites admins don't visit it anymore.
  2. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Why east of the UK? Do you have any statistics that show there's a higher level of intelligence in Europeans west of the UK?
  3. Ken

    Who is PIOs most reputable person?

    To be fair he wasn't the only one. I remember years ago (must have been when hotel booking sites were in their infancy) trying to book a hotel in Perth and being presented with a mixture or hotels from both WA and Scotland.
  4. Ken

    Who is PIOs most reputable person?

    And yet my immediate thought upon reading the title of the thread was "anyone but Simmo"
  5. Ken

    Medicare on TSS visa

    I think in 34 years they'll be to old to apply Sorry. I know it's just a typo but I couldn't resist.
  6. I'd recommend pretending you don't know who it was. At the get together ask them if they were woken up by some inconsiderate b****rd and ask them if they know who it might have been!
  7. Ken

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    It's only Qantas that has made this announcement. They say it's temporary (and apparently it only applies to new bookings, not those that have already been made) and it's only been made in the last few hours (their website doesn't even look as if it's been updated - the news is all from the media).
  8. The guidance on the Australian Tax Office Website seems to suggest that if you have an overseas health insurer you will not be exempt but if you have an Australian insurer it will be a complying health insurance policy. It's not really that simple however so but I'd always ask the Australian insurer just to make sure their scheme is a complying health insurance policy. A complying health insurance policy must cover Hospital admissions so a policy that only covers outpatient services (such as Doctors fees), or "Extras" as they are normally referred to in Australia, will never be a complying health insurance policy even if it is from an Australian insurer. As Verystormy has mentioned BUPA advertise a policy specifically for Overseas Visitors who have access to reciprocal health cover https://www.bupa.com.au/health-insurance/cover/overseas-visitors/reciprocal-health-cover which does provide an exemption to the Medicare Levy Surcharge but I don't know if other insurers have anything similar or not. Note that it is only the Medicare Levy Surcharge that you are exempted from. Because you are entitled to Medicare (whether you choose to register for it and use it or not) you still have to pay the Medicare Levy. I would also recommend paying for Ambulance Insurance (unless you are moving to Queensland or Tasmania where it's free). Ambulance Victoria charge just under $100 per year (levied quarterly) for a family. If uninsured a road ambulance can easily cost you $900 and an air-ambulance thousands. While worrying about whether or not you are having a heart attack you don't want to be stressed about how much calling an ambulance will cost!
  9. It's been a few years but my last Contents insurance premium from when we were renting was $182.59. That was with Allianz in 2016 for an apartment in Melbourne's inner suburbs. Might cost more for a House (or possibly less I'm not really sure how the risk profiles compare) and obviously will vary depending on location and sum insured. Latest policy (for a house in the far Melbourne Suburbs) was $495.62 with Budget Direct but that includes Buildings Insurance.
  10. Ken

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Qantas have announced that they will temporarily stop carrying snub-nosed dogs. That's one way to punish their victims. Well at least they haven't banned all dogs.
  11. Ken

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    The saddest news for pet owners is that Qantas may overreact to this bad publicity by deciding to stop carrying pets (after all they can't be blamed for any pet deaths if they no longer carry them). Hopefully they merely correct their procedures to line up with what they should have been doing in the first place - but I can certainly see them taking the risk averse course.
  12. Just saw a news story that says Vegans get worse hangovers: https://www.msn.com/en-au/health/nutrition/vegans-may-suffer-worse-hangovers-than-meat-eaters-according-to-study/ar-BBYwHET?ocid=spartandhp Bearing in mind that they are prohibited from lining their stomachs with milk beforehand; they are prohibited from having a Kebab on the way home and they are prohibited from having a raw egg in the morning, this really is a case of "no shit Sherlock".
  13. To meet the residency qualification for citizenship you cannot have been outside of Australia for more than 365 days in the previous 4 years. That means unfortunately if you've been out of Australia for more than one year none of your previous years in Australia count. You'll need to return to Australia and stay for at least 3 years. 3 years because you'll be able to add the 365 days preceding your return as part of your 4 year residency. Note that if you need to make any trips out of Australia after you've returned the period you can use from before you returned will be reduced accordingly.
  14. For an "illegal" bowling action? He was lucky to get away with a suspension and not have to do jail time.
  15. Not until 2023 (and then only if he wanted to take a trip out of Australia) but it's relevant to the discussion of how long you can remain outside Australia on your PR visa.