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  1. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    What with all the mentions of Trump in this thread, I'm wondering if by 76 you mean 1776? Not that I think you remember it from first hand experience of course....
  2. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I don't think an independent would get enough votes to be elected. How many in the lower house are independents? And they get elected by only having to win over a majority of the electorate in a small constituency so it should be easier for independents.
  3. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It would be far from a carbon copy. 35% of the vote can get you a majority of the seats in the lower house - but would only get 35% of the seats in the upper house. 10% of the vote (if distributed enough around the country) might get you no seats at all in the lower house but would still get 10% of the seats in the upper house. Theoretically this could go to greater extremes than the percentages I've given.
  4. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I've always thought that the seats in the House of Lords should be apportioned to the parties proportionally to their vote and then they can appoint who they want (subject to a limit to the number of new Lords they can create or we'll be overrun with them). Unfortunately that'll lose some of the really good independents but it will at least be seen to be democratic without a huge change to the current system (where the number of seats is already limited but the system for choosing which Lords get appointed to sit in the house - it's no longer the case that they all can - is far from opaque).
  5. Ken

    Notifying Centrelink we've left

    You can turn off the need for a mobile code and use 'secret questions' instead. Log in (you'll need your mobile if that's what it's currently set for), go to Account Settings and Sign in Options (but make sure you're familiar with your secret questions first and set up new ones if necessary).
  6. There isn't an older person tax allowance in Australia (that's a UK thing). There is something called SAPTO - the Seniors And Pensioners Tax Offset. To receive SAPTO you need to either be in receipt of an Australian Government Pension or Allowance or eligible for the Australian Government Age Pension. This does apply to most Australians but I believe that if you come over on a Parent visa you have a long qualifying period (perhaps 10 years) before you are eligible for any Australian Government Pension or benefits (but you'd know more about that than I do) meaning you would also not be eligible for SAPTO. There are also income limits that affect eligibility to SAPTO.
  7. Ken

    Sell in May....

    I always tell Bitcoin investors they should buy tulip bulbs. They're bound to go back up in price eventually. Get them while the market's still low.
  8. Does anyone have any experience of returning to the UK with a child with Autism or other Special Education Needs? I'm wondering how you go about accessing the services required and what obstacles are put in your way when you've been out of the country for 6 years? Because he was only 2 years old when we left the UK and the condition hadn't even been diagnosed we've no experience of the UK system. He's in a special unit of a mainstream school here (a teacher and 2 assistants to a class of 6).
  9. I experienced -25C when I was working in Poland. The Poles however insisted that wasn't cold. "Wait 'til it gets to -40C. That's Cold".
  10. Ken

    UK tax claim?

    It's not just the tax free allowance that is pro-rated but the tax bands as well. Consequently a higher rate tax payer will be able to get an even bigger refund as their actual earnings will only be 5/12ths of the level they were taxed at. Of course if they have a lot of other income that hasn't been taxed the refund will reduce and may even be replaced with a tax demand.
  11. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Haven't you been listening to all the doomsayers? UK wages are going to be a lot lower than Slovenia's - surely that'll attract lots of employers?
  12. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    No. Jag and Range Rover are really Tata (Indian). Rolls Royce and Mini are really BMW while Bentley is really Volkswagen. MG isn't Tata it's SAIC (Chinese). Aston Martin is one of the few independent British Motor Companies (although it was once owned by Ford and is now 5% owned by Mercedes owner Daimler AG).
  13. I hope you're not a refrigeration engineer. A fridge is supposed to be cold. 3C is fine but -20C? That's not cold it's broken. PS normally I use this simily to explain to Australians why it's not freezing (since if it's this temperature inside their freezer it must be broken).
  14. That makes no sense Steve. PTE and Pearson Test (of English) are one and the same thing. There are five different tests you can take. The alternatives to PTE are IELTS, OET, TOEFL iBT and CAE.
  15. Ken

    Capital gains tax.

    Even if you go over the six year mark you should still be able to claim the first six years as your main residence so leaving only a proportion of the gain as taxable - but you may want to investigate how you calculate the gain - do you pay for a valuation at the six year mark or accept that you'll just apportion the gain across the periods when you do sell? Note that you'll also be entitled to the 50% discount as you've owned the property for over a year and can offset tax paid in the UK against the Australian Tax payable (that's the double taxation agreement).