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renew 410 visa

peter michael

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We got our first 410 visa in 2003 and stayed in Oz for a minimum of six months each year for several years . We renewed visas while in Oz in 2007  and again in 2011 and this visa now lasted until 2021 . In 2014 we returned to uk to renovate and sell a property but several other things happened that delayed our return but we aimed to return for xmas 2019 but our daughter in Oz phoned me to say the covid in china was much worse than china led world to believe and next thing lock down happened . Our visas ran out in 2021 but earlier this year  i tried to renew them in Australia House in london but was told it had to be done online to Oz immigration website . I started to do this but one question was to provide proof of our health insurance when we were last in Oz .I remember the first insurance we had was  with Medibank and was with them for about five years but we had insured with several other insurers up to 2014 but cannot remember with whom . I had closed our Oz bank account since there was a monthly service charge which i saw no point in paying . since 2014 i have had three laptops and  smashed the previous one before binning it  and never backed up anything thinking i would not need any files on  them .  Would the renewal of the visas in 2007 and 2011 show health insurance was held and  would a new health cover from date we would like to fly out be accepted .Any advice please.

Many Thanks


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5 hours ago, peter michael said:

Would the renewal of the visas in 2007 and 2011 show health insurance was held

It doesn’t show you held it from 2011 to 2014 which is the question you are being asked. 

and  would a new health cover from date we would like to fly out be accepted 

…and nor does this. 

It would probably make sense to get some professional advice on your proposed renewal. 

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Paul has answered your questions.   He's a professional so you can rely on his answers. 

Have you tried contacting your old Australian bank to see if they can give you historical bank statements?  It is harder since you're no longer a customer but it won't hurt to ask, and you never know. 

Otherwise, try contacting the health insurers, pretend you're thinking of renewing your health insurance.  Say you remember being very happy with one of your old insurers but you can't remember who it was. Ask them if they can check whether you're already on their books as a previous customer and if so, when that was.

Finally -- clutching at straws -- try going to each health fund's website and try logging in with your email address.  Click "lost password" and see if it gets you anywhere. 

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