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309 Visa Application

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Hey folks


In the process of applying for the 309 visa for my partner and v overwhelmed by the whole process and hoping to get some advice clarification on a few points...

  • Do the documents I submit need to be certified? Confused about this one bc on a few blogs I've seen people specifying they had documents certified. However I can't find anywhere on the Home Affairs info page specifying documents need to be certified. When I applied for my son's (Aussie) citizenship by descent it was explicitly stated that the documents I submitted needed to be certified. 
  • Most of our supporting witnesses will be British (currently live in the U.K.). I'm concerned having majority non-Australians as our supporting witnesses will "hurt" our case. Any insight on this from folks who've been in a similar position?
  • We applied for a travel exemption for my to enter Australia during the covid restrictions. We ofc had to show evidence that we were in a realtionship. His exemption was approved. I'm thinking of including this to strengthen our case...my logic is home affairs has previously "acknowledged" our relationship and travelling abroad in a pandemic demonstrates our commitment to each other and our families? My partner thinks it'd be irrelevant so just wondering what others' thoughts are. 
  • Any general advice/need-to-know information for those applying without an immigration specialist? I'm terrified that our application will be rejected and we were initially going to use an agent/lawyer but unfortunately our financial situation has changed and it's something that we can no longer afford. 

A massive thank you to anyone who chooses to comment/offer their wisdom :-)

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Do the documents I submit need to be certified?

Uncertified colour scans are accepted.

Under the current rules a travel exemption will not be needed.

Specific information taking into account the particulars of your case would require a paid consultation.

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Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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@jhog90 checkout the Family VISA Forum -> https://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/46-family-partner-visas/

It's specifically geared to people like us. There are also Registered Agents posting advice there too.

  • Applied Stage 1 309 on 8th May 2020
  • Update Status June 2020
  • Update Status October 2020
  • RFI 19th Nov 2020
  • Update Status Nov 2020 
  • Supplied National Police Check (Sponsor) + Health Docs 26th Nov 2020
  • Stage 1 309 Granted 30th Nov 2020 
  • Arrived Melbourne 13th July 2021
  • Applied Stage 2 100 on 28th April 2022

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