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Harry Sagoo

Expired Pte/Ielts during visa processing

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Hi Everyone 

My Pte score got expired during the process of my application. Recently case officer requested my PTE test report from the web. However PTE score report get expire from the website after 2 years therefore I unable to send it from there and I also tried to communicate with PTE support team. They have mentioned that they can't release the score from the system due to being expired. Furthermore they mentioned if DHA need to confirm the score they can contact the PTE support team manually. 

I want to know what should I do in this case? Do I need to sit in for another test or would I be ok with the test score I've provided to DHA? If anyone has any information please reply. I'll really appreciate your time, effort and knowledge. Thank you 

Visa subclass 186 ENS (Temporary Residence Transition) 

Lodgement date: 28 Nov 2020

PTE validity: 28/08/2018 to 28/08/2020 (3 years for immigration purpose) 


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Regardless of the expiry date on the certificate the Department of Home affairs accepts certificates dated 3 years ago


To prove you have Superior English, show us evidence that in the 3 years before we invite you to apply for the visa, you scored one of the following:


So you should be able to upload your PDF certificate you was issued when you sat the exam?

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