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    Renting property on a temporary visa

    This doesn’t reflect my experience. Our agent has been great. OP - when I applied for my rental they didn’t even ask about my immigration status.
  2. Hello, I have submitted my PR application. I understand that I can apply for Medicare. However I already have a reciprocal agreement card. But This doesn't include everything (elective surgery for example). I am under the impression that the Medicare level I can receive whilst my PR is being processed is on par with the "full" Medicare someone with a granted PR receives. If so I assume it's worth upgrading to receive the additional benefits? Having a look online it's really giving me any answers! Thank You
  3. Im not in your area but keen for a catch up in the city if you are?
  4. JetBlast

    190 visa processing times extended

    They seem to be concentrating on partner visas as well. I recently applied fo the 887 visa and they only processed 7 last month.
  5. Just to expand a little. It's the state you arrive into from your international flight.The state you pass immigration. Not your final destination. So if you have to connect domestically this is done after you quarantine.
  6. JetBlast

    How long before it felt normal to live in Australia

    Someone comes along and starts a friendly conversation with us and you respond with rude answer. If you was speaking in person would you be so curt?
  7. JetBlast

    Next steps after 491 EOI

    I echo form 80. It took ages to find my travel history.
  8. Hello, I have just submitted my 887 visa. I did this without an agent (one wasn't interested in the business and another did respond!). During the application is asked if I have a De Facto partner. I do so I obviously declared this. I place her details under other family members (ie not accompanying). However at the end of the application it is asking for documents (screenshot attached). She is Australian and I haven't actually included her as an applicant. Do I have to provide any evidence please? If so what please? I am confused as to why this is being asked as it isn't a partner visa nor is she an applicant on this visa. Thanks in advance
  9. That’s why I posted. Hopefully one will be straightforward and one could answer. Thanks
  10. JetBlast

    489 relocation

    I think you technically broke your visa conditions of the 489. I know you have some grace period but I doubt it’s that’s long.
  11. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    Completely agree.
  12. The food. There is such a wide range of good food from many countries. I feel much safer than my home town. I had recent experience with the cops (work matter) and they couldn’t do enough. The internet is better here. (Although the locals don’t agree).
  13. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    Parcels and packages are a lot cheaper though. There is a lot more competition. I used to sell quite a lot of eBay in the UK. Selling stuff here now and the price difference is notable.
  14. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    I missing cheap and fast postage.
  15. JetBlast

    Submitting multiple EOI - How to

    I can confirm this. Victoria I known for rejecting potential migrants that submit an EOI to multiple states.
  16. This used to be the case. However they have stopped this practise.
  17. They are just telling you how it works. Just because it's not what you want to hear doesn't mean you can be rude.
  18. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    No you’re not the only one. I can smell it a mile off when my Aussie girlfriend has it out!
  19. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    Im well aware of that as is everyone else commenting on this thread.
  20. JetBlast

    Student Loans chasing me

    I can't help you, but it's good to see someone is taking their student debt seriously and making the effort
  21. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    100% agree. It's the run up I miss. There is a general atmosphere as well. Here there isn't.
  22. JetBlast

    Things you miss about Britain

    Christmas. It just isn’t the same here.
  23. IT - Network and Systems Engineer.
  24. It doesn't work like that. You will need the actual 4 years. Even if you somehow got into Australia you wouldn't be able to teach here anyway. This isn't always the case. I was successful obtaining a skills assessment and visa using experience obtained before the qualification.
  25. JetBlast

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    They might not have been honest on their exemption application.