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School admissions in NSW (St Ives Area)

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Hi All, following successfully gaining our 457 visa we are looking at schools in the St Ives and Turramurra area, does anyone have advise they can share, experience, things to watch and avoid. Our son is 13.5 years old. Many thanks in advance.



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You should be OK with high school space as lots of people in these areas go private post year 7. Primary schools are under more pressure with most being picky about out of catchment kids and sometimes temporaries, which they weren’t 5 years ago

Both St.Ives high and Turramurra high have decent reputations. Ku Ring Gai creative arts slightly less so, but I would contact all schools and see what the entrance is like. Killara high is very highly rated but that might well be restricted on space and won’t take temporary residents

Check on the my school website for results and get in touch with each school direct. And do pay attention to the cost and enrolment requirements for temporary residents that Quoll has posted

I live near Turramurra fwiw, have friends with kids in both schools

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I hope you don’t mind me jumping on board with this thread, it’s just what I was going to ask about.  We are permanent residents and living in Oz already and are looking to relocate to this area too. I would really appreciate your insight into the schools you mentioned.

We have two boys age 15 & 12. The eldest is academic and will start the HSC courses next year. 

My husband who has started working over there, is already renting in the catchment area for St Ives High and Asquith Boys and have been offered places.  However, we really like Berowra as an area to live as it is so green and peaceful and would like to move the family into that area. The catchment schools are either Asquith Boys or Kuring Gai High. We could either stick with St Ives, which I really liked, or change to Kuring-Gai High. However, Kuring Gai school seemed very old and tired but I have to say, the atmosphere was very warm and caring. Just not sure if it can offer the academic rigour my eldest is looking for. 

Any information based on facts and experience really welcome. 

Thank you. 

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