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  1. Akasully2

    Urgent: St Ives High or Kuringai High?

    Thank you @FeralBeryl for your thoughts. Asquith boys wasn’t for us. We have decided on St Ives High. For the next 12 months we will rent locally but with the intention of buying In Berowra or similar, after that. Good to know that loads of kids commut in. Thanks for that reassurance. Just got to make the move over in the new year now. Then it’s starting all over again. New friends to be found, but we did it here and I’m sure in time it will happen there. Difference is though, when we applied for the visa from England originally, we established a friendship group of similar people heading for the same place. All we had to do was meet for a coffee to cement that bond. This time I’m going in cold. Not too fazed though, all in good time.
  2. Akasully2

    Urgent: St Ives High or Kuringai High?

    @northshorepom Thank you for your insights and for confirming where we want to base ourselves is a great place to be. Your advice has been helpful. We looked around Asquith Boys too. It would have been ideal in terms of distance but having two boys who enjoy having girls as friends, the idea was blown out of the water.
  3. Hi, I really need some help urgently. Time is running out and I need to make a decision. My husband is working in Sydney and is renting a flat in Waitara. We will be coming over to Join him in the new year. His flat is in the catchment area for St Ives High School and we have been offered places for our two boys, for next year. However, when we all move over to join him we want to rent initially and then later buy in Berowra or Hornsby Heights. This falls under the catchment area for Kuring Gai High School. I have been round both of them. I really liked the calm, caring and respectful atmosphere of Kuring Gai. It is located on th edge of the National park and sits in huge green grounds. It has better sport facilities due to the land size. Academic results sit at 7% for band 6 HSC results compared to 10% for St Ives. St Ives sits in a more suburban area and seems busier (the school is larger). Again the students seemed focused and polite, so no difference. If we live in Berowra the journey to St Ives would mean a train and bus ride totalling 37 mins (plus possibly a lift to the station or a 15 mins walk). If we went to Kuring Gai there is a school bus that trundles around berowra making its way to school in about 60-70 mins. What’s their reputation like? advice please. Got to go.... thank you
  4. Akasully2

    School admissions in NSW (St Ives Area)

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind me jumping on board with this thread, it’s just what I was going to ask about. We are permanent residents and living in Oz already and are looking to relocate to this area too. I would really appreciate your insight into the schools you mentioned. We have two boys age 15 & 12. The eldest is academic and will start the HSC courses next year. My husband who has started working over there, is already renting in the catchment area for St Ives High and Asquith Boys and have been offered places. However, we really like Berowra as an area to live as it is so green and peaceful and would like to move the family into that area. The catchment schools are either Asquith Boys or Kuring Gai High. We could either stick with St Ives, which I really liked, or change to Kuring-Gai High. However, Kuring Gai school seemed very old and tired but I have to say, the atmosphere was very warm and caring. Just not sure if it can offer the academic rigour my eldest is looking for. Any information based on facts and experience really welcome. Thank you.