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Just some questions about how we can move to Australia!

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Hi, would really love some advise. I am currently living I. The U.K. With my husband, and three young kids... We would so love to move to Australia...my husband is a construction sales manager, working specifically with acoustic noise prevention barriers. He has helped build up a very successful company. However we still would love to move to Australia and trying to think how we can do this.  Only thing is on one hand we are hearing the construction field is striving out there, and I see on the skilled shortage list, it says construction project manager...however cannot see anything specific to sales etc... Can anyone advise what would be good next step. Does this mean game over...? Would be really good for some advise... Thanks in advance! 

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The lists have changed a lot recently. The closest that is there is probably sales and marketing manager. However, I would speak to a good registered migration agent to see if this is an option.

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