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Travelling in Oz whilst waiting for visas to come through???

Guest Watersports

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Guest Watersports

This possibly should have been titled living dangerously, or some might argue living stupidly :shock: , but right now this is just a thought and I really wanted to get the views from you guys as to whether this is feasible.

All opinions welcome!!


So firstly to explain, I guess we slightly miscalculated how long the visa would take to come through and we were previously hoping for first part of next year, but going on the timescale at present, it will be more like halfway through next year.


Unfortunatley (or maybe not) we've already set the wheels in motion by arranging to chuck in our jobs to go do 3 months skiing. When we get back we had hoped to have just changed suitcases (so to speak) and then go off to Oz but now as it's unlikely we'll have the visas by then, we need something to do whilst we wait (as neither of us can go back to work).


So, here it is: The only place we really want to go is to Oz. We'd love to spend a few months travelling round first whilst waiting for the visas to finalise. Is this even possible or are we dreaming??


Could we realistically pre-load our medicals/police checks and go off to Oz travelling. Wait until they request passports and then skip over to New Zealand, courier them to a parent in UK, have then courier to the embassy, and the same to get them back to us and then arrive back in Oz to get visas validated?


How risky is this? From what I can tell, most people don't seem to get asked to produce anything else, and we would have the money to get a flight back if we had to, but we'd want to go knowing that the odds were in our favour that's it more likely we wouldn't need to return.


Any advise,comments/thoughts welcome!!!

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