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Found 108 results

  1. Hi All! I would be interested to hear from anyone who is, or has applied for their defacto whilst on a tourist visa in Oz. I heard from a friend who was previously in the same situation that you can get a visa with work rights before your de facto is granted. Does anyone have any experience of this? if so how long after you had applied did you have to wait to get the work visa? Ive heard it could be 3 months but was hoping it might be sooner!! I am in the uk at the mo, about to go over to oz in next couple of weeks to be with my partner who returned over there for work about 4 weeks ago. Once i am back in Sydney we will apply, and then play the waiting game! If i can get this work visa, things wold be great! Its going to be a long few months with both of us living off one salary if not! ... annoying thing is i have a good job waiting for me in Sydney, i just cant get to it because of this pesky work restriction!
  2. Hi Does anyone know, if it is possible to travel over to Oz on a tourist visa whilst awaiting a spouses visa (subclass 309) to be processed. My husband has Oz citizenship and I am applying for a 309, however after reading some threads on the forum quite nervous this will take some time to come through. We plan to be move over in September, so was hoping it is possible to apply for tourist visa whilst 309 visa is being processes, is this allowed? Also what is the status with schooling without a visa, we have found a place at a private school for our daughter in Melbourne and would like to enrol her for October start. Will her visa application need to be processed before she can start school? Any advise appreciated. I am a British citizen and have applied for visa through Australia House in London, clean bill of health, no criminal record and have been married for years so anticipating it will be processed with no hitches. Thank you AC
  3. Is it possible to get a UK mortgage whilst living and earning in Australia?? I'm thinking that we could buy somewhere just before we move back so that we've got somewhere to move in to on our return or rent out until we get back...
  4. Hi, i wonder if anyone can advise me on the situation that has arisen. I will be arriving in Perth in December on my de-facto visa to start my new life in the sunshine, my current employer has offered me the chance to stay employed and work from Perth for them on offshore projects in Australian waters. The question is: when i receive my wage should i be paying tax on it in the UK or will i have to pay tax in Australia? Anyone in the same position or has knowledge of the tax system advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Im in a bit of a dilemna and was wondering if anyone out there could help me. A bit of background - we have had our 175 PR visa now for 21 months, was due to go last year but eldest daughter (who wasnt coming with us anyway) fell pregnant. I wanted to be here for the birth of my first grandchild who is one in a couple of weeks. We did our reccie to Sydney 12 months ago and loved Oz. My dilemna is: I have 15 year old triplets who are about to start Year 11 here in the UK in September. We have always said that we will wait for them to finish their education (GCSEs) here in the UK and then look to move over. A few days ago my husband was contacted by his company in Oz (he met up with them on our reccie last year) and they have a number of vacancies but are desparate for him to move over now. What do we do because im worried that if we dont like it in oz or dont settle then what do my other children do about their education if we return to the UK. Just wondering if anyone has been in this situation and possibly returned, does the oz education have any resemblance over here or would they need to go onto further education back in england before trying to get into uni. I know I might sound like im negative, I really dont want to have to return to the UK but you do hear a lot of people doing this so im just being very cautious. Look forward to any views. Debbie xxx
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm having a little worry and thought I'd ask you guys before I call DIAC I've submitted my 801/820 Partner Visa application and my WHV is valid until 7 Dec, DIAC have already granted me BVA for when my WHV runs out and I am planning on going to see my OH's God Son with him on 3 Dec until 18 Dec and we will be flying to the Gold Coast from Sydney to see him...my question is do I have to tell DIAC I am doing this? Am I ok to fly within Australia on my WHV/BVA as long as I take my letters from DIAC as proof? This is probably a straight forward yes or no answer but thought I'd just check as the time is looming!! Thanks everyone :biggrin:
  7. Hi all! We are in Perth and loving it my occupation is on the SMP and we want to apply for it, does anyone know if you have to go via vetassess to get passed if I've already been granted a 457 in the same category? If so, how much does vetassess charge for the skills assessment of a recruitment consultant? Ta!
  8. Hi, Is it possible to apply for a Drivers licence, Tax Number, Medicare or any other 'official' document whilst still offshore? I need more points to be able to import a vehicle, but without actually being in Oz, it's proving quite difficult. Would Poste Restante help here? Apologies for double posting - there wasn't a 'natural' forum.
  9. Hi, I have lodged (online) my 175 in March 2011 (so I'm Cat4). I have been lucky and got a job offer in Oz ; they want me to start around mid-February. My new employer can sponsor me but the paperwork will be a hassle, and since the Cat4 is moving, I'm wondering if it's worth getting the 457 visa... I could have a CO in the next weeks and a grant soon enough. In the meantime, to make sure I can move in February, I'm considering applying for a WHV(417), even if I have to spend a week in NZ to have my grant letter (there are worse places to spend a week ) So, my questions - Can I lodge online a 417 application whilst I have a 175 online in the pipe ? I have seen several opposite answers, so has anyone done it before ? - Is it safe for my 175 application ? No risk to see it cancelled ? Should I lodge a PLE to warn DIAC that I'm applying for another visa ? Thanks from France !
  10. Hi, I am currently on 457 visa which would expire in next few months. I have applied for onshore 856 visa and my understanding is that I would be granted bridging visa after 457 visa lapses if my application for 856 is still not processed by then. I understand that you get 28 days to leave the country should your application gets rejected. I was wondering if anyone knows whether I could apply for second 457 whilst awaiting the outcome of 856 since that would give me enough time to apply for some other skilled pathway should my 856 gets rejected. I know that I cant apply for 457 whilst I am on bridging visa and that is why I would like to apply for second 457 whislt I still have valid 457 visa. I read somewhere in forum that the second application cancels the first application....would my 856 application get cancelled with this rule then?
  11. just wondering if anyone has gone over to oz on a working holiday visa whilst awaiting their 175/176 visa to be granted?? we are desperate to get over to Australia and thinking about doing this once our 175 visa application is in.. ! we have no commitments in the UK (e.g. children, mortgage etc) so would just be able to go really once it has been granted. i know that we have to leave Australia before the 175 visa is granted and then re-enter the country again. How do you know the visa is about to be granted, will they contact you to tell you that you need to leave Oz? Thank you, much appreciated!! :biggrin:
  12. Would appreciate if anyone could provide an answer to a question I have. Originally my plans were to migrate using the skilled migration process to Adelaide for my occupation as a Mechanical Engineering Draftsman. However out of the blue whilst awaiting my skills assessment through engineers Australia I received an email from a person I had contact with a couple of years ago (I had looked at making the move back in December 2008 and was able to find an employer willing to sponsor but in the end the time was not quite right due to a number of circumstances at the time). This contact picked up from a couple of years ago and again I was offered sponsorship etc and this time I gratefully accepted. My current situation is that I’m currently in the process of the RSMS route but all seems to be stagnant. I have been wondering what I would do if for some reason the nomination was to be refused, i.e. I do not have a plan ‘B’. Here though is my dilemma.....If the nomination is refused I cannot get state sponsorship from South Australia for my occupation as special conditions apply relating to study within the state etc. But other states such as Victoria and Western Australia have no special conditions attached to the occupation. At the moment I am thinking that my plan ‘B’ could be to pursue state sponsorship within these states to secure my route to Oz, it wouldn’t be our first choice location but beggars cannot be choosers but my question is; Am I able to try and secure state sponsorship from Western Australia and Victoria whilst my RSMS application (currently stage 2, DIAC to approve nomination) is still live? Or would it be better to just sit tight and await the decision on the RSMS before trying to secure a state sponsorship for a 176? I just want to be able to sit down at the end of the day and say to myself that I have tried every option that was available to me and whatever happens happens! Thanks Chris & Mel
  13. Hi all, My girlfriend and I have both been granted working holiday visa's and have flights booked for 30th October flying into Melbourne. My company are currently investigating the possibility of me working for them maybe 1 day per week remotely, but I am a little confused how this would work in ways of tax etc. I understand that on the WHV visa we can work for 1 employer for 6 months, does this include UK companies? Also how does this work for tax? I would be being paid into my UK bank account, either as an employee of the company or as a contractor of a UK umbrella company. Does any one else have any experience of this and how it works? Thanks in advance Ben
  14. Hi all, hope all is well. I am planning on going to Australia on a working holiday visa, Probably working contract in engineering. I will probably love it there so will want to stay longer. However I am going with my girlfriend who has got an occupational training visa (6 months) I am looking to get sponsored by a company to get a work visa so I can add my girlfriend as we are in a defacto relationship (scary) Can anyone give any advice on the best way to get sponsorship from a company? Or could anyone shed any light on any problems we may encounter? Regards Iain
  15. midwife2005

    Retraining whilst waiting for visa

    Hi, I am currently a midwife and have always wanted to be a sonographer, so I could have a duel qualification. Obviously I would have to go back to university to do this so I was wondering once our visa application was in would it be possible for me to do this? The fact that I wasn't working as midwife and would be a student, could this affect our application. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Jen
  16. Hi All, First of all a brief explanation of my situation; I am currently in the process of applying for a Last Remaining Relative visa and because of capping and queueing in this visa category the waiting times are currently at around 2.5 years. As such, I am considering the possibilities of spending some time when I visit my family speaking to employers with a view to aqcuiring temporary employment sponsirship (457 visa) whilst there. Although my line of work (IT/Business Analyst) is not amongst the more in demand trades, I have seen job advertisements offering sponsorship so my thinking was that by being there and speaking to recruiters face-to-face might increase my chances of securing a 457 visa. Is this a realistic plan? Has anyone done or heard of this sort of approach being a success before? Many thanks for reading, Matt.
  17. I am due to apply for PR this November which is when my 2 years is up on the temporary spouse visa. i''m thinking of having a 6 week holiday in the UK around this time- am I allowed to leave and still apply for PR? I was an onshore applicant when i got my visa. How might this work if I am out of the country when the 2nd stage visa is due?
  18. Hi all Quick question - what happens if a PR application is still being decided when a holiday to Australia comes up (all flights/hotels booked etc). Hoping to have had the 176 for a while by October but are we stuck if it hasn't come through by then? It sounds like we can't just get tourist visas while we wait? Thanks
  19. Hi I am in such a stress, I have questions that I need answering!! It has been such a nightmare to find solutions elsewhere so I'm hoping that some kind soul will help out here. I was on a working holiday 417 visa which expired a few weeks ago...not before I was able to lodge a 457 application through a small business that had offered to sponsor me. As I lodged the 457 application before my 417 expired, I'm not on a bridging visa which means I can still work in Oz until they decide whether or not my 457 app was successful. Unfortunately the company that lodged the application for me have now told me that they are going through difficult times and will not be able to employ me, although they are 'kind enough' to not withdraw their application for the 457 until I found something else. It has been a painstaking challenge to find something else, but after many interviews, I've managed to secure a permanent job offer with a 90k package as an Accountant. This offer is contingent on me securing sponsorship elsewhere as they wont do it. So I've been speaking to a 3rd party company Geoffrey Nathan who can sponsor me as a contractor to 'the company'...my question is..can they lodge a 457 application for me whilst I'm on this bridging visa? I think I'd need to get the smaller company to withdraw their app in order for someone else to lodge, which they will be happy to do on my word. I just need to make sure that Geoffrey Nathan wont have any problems getting a 457 for me and I need to know how long it will take as 'the company' want me to start work soon!!! ohhh its such a headache, I'm starting to get depressed :mad: Brandy
  20. Hey, sorry if this info is already on here but i'm new to the forums. My partner is Australian and i'm from the UK we've been together 2 years. I used my working holiday visa when we first met. We have just had our offshore partner visa refused due to lacking of joint evidence like lease and utility bills. we have lived together both in Aus an UK however due to our circumstance were unable to get joint rental lease etc :-( My boyfriend is unable to come over to live in the UK at the moment due to personal reasons and we were thinking so we could get the evidence of living together that I should apply for a 676 and go over for 6 months so we can be together. Does anyone know whether we would be able to re apply for the partner visa onshore after 3months? we have loads of other evidence to show we are a genuine couple as the case officer told us if we just had bills etc for 3months then we would of been approved. Would be really grateful for some advice! Thanks guys! :-) seriously stressing out over all this! Hannah :-)
  21. What the hell were the 'leaders' at the time thinking when they employed a person who likes the odd tipple to white line their country. WTF happened between the border of Victoria and NSW. I realise that it must have been one hell of a job, but there is no excuse for the dereliction of duty shown when such an important job had to be done, hiccup, excuse me. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Hi This may be a daft question - but we are about to lodge our 176 application and have booked flights to Australia for our honeymoon in October. I'm probably being paranoid - but is there any complication in entering the country on a tourist visa whilst awaiting a permanent visa decision? Thanks! Chris
  23. We're currently waiting for my skills assessment to come through but it's taking bloomin ages (thanks, Engineers Australia). We've sold the house, flogged loads of stuff at a boot sale and are now ready to leave the UK. My engineering qualifications and experience will comfortably see me through either the old or new points system as a Mechanical Engineer (on every state's SMP list). I'm getting a bit impatient so was wondering.......... If I can find an employer who will offer a 457 sponsorship, can I simply continue my 176 application? Or would it be best to sit and wait for the 176 which, at this rate could take 6 months. Thanks.
  24. Hi, can anyone advise, I am looking to bring my Mum over on a holiday/tourist visa if this visa does not state a restriction no further stay or 8503 does this mean we can apply for her new visa (Parent contributory) and would she get bridging visa until new visa comes thru?? Thanks.
  25. :confused:Who out there has been successful (recently rather than a few years ago) in landing a job in Oz whilst not in the country? I have a skilled independent visa and am a Civil/Environmental Engineer with good experience in the water and renewable energy industries. My experience with agencies has been rather disappointing and recent direct applications don't seem to get past the first hurdle (probably time to get someone to tweak that CV). I'd like to make the move, and time is running on, but wife and family would like the reassurance of having a job to go to. Anyone got any top tips on landing that job whilst not yet in Oz?