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Thoughts on Wakerley area & MBC please?


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Hi everyone


we've been in Adelaide for 7 years now and for the last 6 months have been feeling a really strong urge to move to Qld.


I dont want to knock Adelaide too much as it's been good to us and made our dream to move to oz a reality BUT there are a few things that just feel are missing plus I can't stand the cold windy winters.


both my husband and I work and have to commute to the city as there are no jobs outside that area, we've been monitoring the vacancies in both areas and for both of us Brisbane has 4 times more vacancies advertised. The schools look good and we have already enrolled our daughter in Morton Bay College to start in 2015 so we are quite serious!!


just wondering about Wakerley as an area to live as it looks close to the coast and reasonable commute to the city if need be?


any advice or experience of the area or school would be really appreciated.


Many Thanks


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I've just moved to manly just down the road from wakerly and although new to oz it seems really nice. You could look at manly, Wynum and lota as well


outside of rush hour it takes me 25 mins into the CBd or just get a train that takes 40 mins and costs about $5.50

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I have built some of the sub-divisions in Wakerley, the company I work for is based in Manly, and I live in the Redlands (15 yrs now), the whole region is nice, but I have to say Wakerley would not be at the head of my list, but the area regarding residential property is newer and prices are, I believe, more reasonable than that of the area's closer to the water.

Good luck with your move.


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