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Possible vet mistake re: dates


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Hi there,

I just noticed that my vet( we are in Austria and they don't deal much with this) did the rabies vaccination and the blood test on the same day and then put down the date of the test on the results page.

AS in she had vaccinations for rabies done on03/10/11 and 31/8/12 and 2/7/13 and then he has written results seen on the 2/7/13

is this going to be a problem?

should we go back and change it?

we want to fly out end of May, hoping to book flights next week and then book the pet shipping with a German Pet Air.

Any input appreciated..

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I think that looks fine to me. Flying end of May will be fine too.

German PetAir are really nice guys but nothing to do with us. they basically will only book you a flight, so if it is easy for you to get back to UK it is worth getting a quote from a UK shipper as well for comparison (and it may make it a bit simpler too!)





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Because we were thinking of going to France for two weeks beginning of may,coming home to Austria for a week then leaving for oz. so that could complicate things with getting the health check,de worming thing. Perhaps we could send her over to the uk when we leave France and get your premium service where you guys do all that??

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I think that would work. The rule where you have to be in the country of origin for 6 months before you travel has now gone.


We can fly your dog our of UK no bothers and if you like you can bring your dog to us and we can look after him or her, complete all the vet work.


I think people like the fact that we can do all the bits and pieces to prepare your dog. The down side is that we have to do them in UK and you would need to get your dog to UK.


Maybe drop me a line and i can do you a price and you can compare. It may work brilliantly, it may not, but it is worth checking out.





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