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suggestion of where to settle?


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We are currently looking to move to Southern Queensland in September/October and trying to find a place which has all the things we are looking for. So these would be ;


1) Easy access to Jobs, i.e. good access to transport bus or train into Brisbane and surrounding work areas with sensible commuting times/costs.


2) Reasonably close to beach/sea, we may not have a vehicle to start with. Ideally next to the sea but appreciate this may conflict with the first requirement.


3) Nice area to live with a good state school there for my son, currently 10.


4) Rents not too expensive if possible.


I wonder if any one can suggest some areas for us to investigate please?

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Sandgate and Shorncliffe are older suburbs and cover your near the beach and transport (train) it would be some 40min drive to Brisbane, sorry but can't help with the schooling for this or any area. but generally Near the beach = more expensive.


If you look on google maps you can see the suburbs which have train stations, you can then match these to how near the sea, you can also google the bus timetables.


Have you got work in the City? which fixes you to commute and not go too far afield! there are many places which could match say 3 from 4 of your requirements but may not be the ideal 3 for you.


Mango Hill and Northlakes are both new suburbs near to the Redcliffe peninsula, with Mango Hill being my personal pick and it is also getting a new rail line and station soon.


If you find any areas of interest then please come back for comments.

Cheers Keith.

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It will depend on your occupation and where you can find work. Personally i wouldn't focus too much on areas until you have a job offer. For example , looking into Shorncliffe will be no use if your job is in Ipswich and vice versa.

I would say ,apply for some jobs and see which areas you get response from, every trade is different,for office work being near the city may be best , for factory work somewhere near Wacol may work best for you etc etc.


Cal x

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