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jack lemon

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Calling all you nurses,


can you plz help me? I av just turned 40 with nearly 2 yrs post reg experience. Once I have completed IELTS can I then apply to ANMAC even though I


cant apply for the 190 visa until I have three years experience? I would like to get this out the way if it is at all possible.


If not as ANMAC takes around 16 weeks could I apply to ANMAC 16 weeks before my three years experience?


I have emailed ANMAC regarding the same however had no reply:mad:


thanks in advance

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As Nic said, you've answered your own question, ielts is the 1st step, definitely get it under your belt, when I applied, it was valid for 2 years, so plenty of time to use it, once it's done. Do you need ielts for your points total? As if you do, good idea to do it now, and if you need to re-sit, you'll have plenty of time to do that! With regard to applying 16 weeks before your 3 years, I don't think you can do that, as all your documentation has to evidence 'claimed ' experience, therefore if you've not yet done it, you can't prove it.

For example the NMC have to provide a 'verification of registration' which will show the date you first registered. You don't want that to that to show you applied too early! It's better to wait, it's an expensive do! Best not risk it before you have required experience under your belt!

Hope that helps.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply guys,

geordiegirl Yes i need the IELTS for the points, currently studying for that now. i will have my three years registration in march 2015 but i didn't get my first post until 9 weeks later which means i wont have my 3yrs ex until the beginning of June 2015. I was wondering as ANMAC takes approx. 16 weeks could i apply to ANMAC in the March as by the time the 16 weeks is up i will have passed the 3 year mark for experience if this makes sense?


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Hi again,

It makes sense, but, and someone more expert may come along to correct me, that you need the three years when you apply, as although it may take a while to process, the information has to be correct at the time you apply. When they receive the application, you will get an acknowledgement from them! And if they see you haven't got required experience, they'll just bat it back to you! For the sake of a 3-4 months, it's not worth the risk, or wasting $850!

Hope that helps.

Good luck.

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