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Which company do you think are the best for flying our fur babies :)


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I know this has been asked loads of times ........ but i would just like to hear from people and there stories about flying there pets .... we have 3 dogs and 3 cats and i am worried sick already thinking about them flying .... i am a big softie lol


so would love to hear you guys and who you used and how you rated there service :biggrin: thank you xxxx

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i have had a quote from jetpets for all 6 $9,865 i didnt think that was to bad .....


If you dont mind me asking Aunt Agatha how much did Aeropets quote for your 3 cats ???


Mine have to go from Darwin to Syndey stay over night then the next morning fly to manchester :confused:...... I get so worried about them already and its not till july lol ......xxx

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Not at all, the quote was $4,330 (which isn't cheap but is the cheapest so far). That's for Brisbane to Newcastle upon Tyne (Bris to London was about $400 cheaper) and includes:



Meet at their vet in Brisbane for final vet check

Approved Veterinary Health checks for export (Final Vet check);

Customs & DAFF Export Permit and Health Certification;

3 x IATA approved travel container including water bowl, funnel and absorbent dry mat (2 x 52 x37x37x37) (62 x 43 x 45cm)

Complimentary overnight boarding;

Airline Freight, Waybill, Customs Export clearance & associated fees to London Heathrow Airport via Sydney

Comfort stop in Sydney and lodgment to International flight

Customs clearance charges, airline handling charges or taxes at London Heathrow Airport.

Flight from London to Newcastle


Check the inclusions with each quote as they all seem to do it a bit differently.


I know what you mean, I'm really worried about one of my cats who is a total nervous pervis, but we couldn't bear to leave them so we'll have to be brave!

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