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Tangine paste!Help please lol


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Ok so I picked up a 190gm jar of M&S Moroccan Paste a month ago.Yes I even have a Tangine!:tongue:Trouble is I don't know where to start!I have got some chook pieces out the freezer for tomorrow,and what do I do?I am aware Lamb is more widely used but hey ho!Do I use a combo of chook stock/paste?How much paste?There are no instructions on the jar!Any advice greatly appreciated!What else do I put with the chook re veg?Potatoes?chickpeas????:eek:xx(Yes I have already googled but can't seem to find the right advice!)

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hey Pabs the Chook Tangine turned out delish!Followed the recipe but added some peppers just for colour really.Served it with cous cous and roasted vegetables!x


Ahhhh good! love cous cous and roast veg,sunday tho,im a stick in the mud lol,roast soon,glad you had a nice meal tho Mel x

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