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Going on a Working holiday visa any tips :)

Ellis Coates

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Im planning on going on WHV around the end of july early august as I turn 18 in july.I have been australia once in 2012 on my own to stay with a freind for a month and ever since returning I have been saving and reading up about coming back for a working holiday visa.For the start off the Whv im staying at my freinds again In canning vale near perth.I also want to travel around australia maybe to see the 2015 melbourne gran prix.I currently have around £3500 which is over $6500.So i am on target for saving.I just needed some info on weather perth is ideal to start at.And when i leave do I convert the money to AUD before I go or not.Any tips is helpful thanks for reading


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Welcome to PIO


Prob the best thing to do with your money is to transfer it over to an Australian Bank Account before you leave. Many accounts you can open online in UK - and your cards and pin number will be waiting for you to collect once you get to Australia - so in CBD branch in Perth.


If you are looking to do the 2 years - or have option to go back on another WHV before you are 31, do your 3 month Regional work early on - or space it out over the 12 months.

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