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Wooo.. 1st step completed :-)


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We are hoping to apply for a 190 to Southern Australia, however have just found out that my occupation has reached its ceiling and has ten closed - so we are praying that it is still on the wanted list on July 1st.

I am applying as a welfare worker, as have a BSc Hons in Health, Community and Social Care. 5 years pre and post (combined) qualification experience as an Education Welfare Officer and 3 years pre qualification experience as a youth development coordinator.

So whilst we wait for July 1st I have just applied to sit the IELTS on March 15th. Need 9's in each category I believe. Do you think this is enough time to prepare for the test?

Also whilst we wait, I am preparing all my documentation, certificates of courses and updating my CV ready for the skills assessment. This should lead us up nicely ready for the new lists.

We want SA but in reality will accept any part of Australia just to get over there and start our new lives. We are hoping to move by Christmas 2014. Is this doable if we already have the IELTS and skills assessment done?

Will get help from a migration agent as and when we need it, but at least these basics I can carry on with myself.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Cat x

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Practice for your IELTS so you know the format. I think you'd be very lucky to get visa by Xmas 2014 if you have to wait till July list. It can take some weeks to get sponsorship and invite after EOI then nearly 2 months for CO then the wait and any extra docs required from CO. They state 6 months to process a 190. They don't normally take that long, but as an example I'm approaching 6 months and am still waiting. But I've had to supply some more docs. Best not to try and aim at date to leave. Get your visa then go hell for leather with your escape lol. Good luck fingers crossed for ya

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