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  1. Mxmanus

    457 visa

    As the 457 is a temp visa sponsored by your employer. I wouldn't be too worried about committing to 3 years cause if either you quit or they make you redundant you will only have 90 days to find another sponsoring company before you have to leave the country. If you want to stay push them for a PR visa. That will show if they are committed. Either way looks like you get to stay here a little longer which is good [emoji6]
  2. Mxmanus

    Civil construction jobs

    Do they have any opportunities in Adelaide? Thanks
  3. Mxmanus

    White card

    Just be mindful a lot of companies don't accept online white cards. Only ones you do at the training centres here in oz. Reason being it can't be proved you took the traing to obtain the card.
  4. Mxmanus

    Tax on new items shipped

    We brought loads of "new" stuff in our container. Just open the boxes and take price details off boxes etc didn't claim anything as new and everything got through ok
  5. Mxmanus

    Applying for jobs without visa

    You say there are plenty of jobs? What profession? Just curious by this statement
  6. Mxmanus

    HNC Construction Managment, is it enough ?

    You will be very very lucky to get a job from overseas m8. There are a lot of experienced construction personnel here and as mentioned local experience is the key. Your 29. So 2 years HNC that should get you into year 2 of a degree depending on your grades then 2 years full time for degree. That's 4 years before your qualified. Then to get a skilled visa would be the next challenge as you will have no usable experience as they only count post qualification. Maybe have a free consultation with a migration agent to look at your options. Good luck
  7. Mxmanus


    I had the same issue with my kids. They were under 18 and lived with their mum. I paid the required maintenance etc. I explained to CO that they weren't dependent on me as they lived with mother and she paid for all their needs. They were happy that they weren't dependent. But in my favour they were nearly 18 and after that they don't need including.
  8. Mxmanus

    189 visa refused... can we appeal????

    Another thing to look into. The HND is a higher diploma. 10 points. Then if you can find a different career name ie Qs technician etc if there is anything like that you could possibly use the 8 years work for points as well. I'm a HND civil engineer but got visa as a building associate ( site manager). Get some advise from a good agent there may be another way in. But also do the Ielts and aim for 8s not too hard but make sure you revise and learn how the test works. Good luck
  9. Mxmanus

    Got my visa! :D

    Hi guys just be mindful about online white cards. A lot of companies won't accept them as there is no proof you have actually done the course. I did mine in the first week of being here at a recognised training centre. Cost about $100 and took about 6 hours. They take your picture and you leave with your card. Just a heads up.
  10. Mxmanus

    Easiest way in...27 year old...unskilled :(

    Hi sean As mentioned above to get a 15 point degree it would have to be a full time 3 year one min. Then depending on the profession your are going for most need a number of years work experience post qualification to pass skills assessment. If you lose points due to age you can get them back for years work experience. So it would take 3-4 years min to think about skilled PR visa. Also so you mentioned you left school without further study. You can't just decide to do a degree! You will need certain entry qualifications like A levels at a required grade or a two year full time diploma to apply for a degree. If you haven't got these yet you'll need to add another two years to your journey. Best advise would be to arrange a free consultation with visa agent and they will give you the options you have. Good luck on your journey and keep posting on here as there are lots of knowledgeable people on here.
  11. We've been here nearly two weeks and agree the goodbyes were hard. But once your here you'll have so much to do that you'll hardly think of UK. Also you'll notice on things like FB everyone back in the UK are fine and getting on with their lives as you will be doing lol.
  12. It's nothing to do with being a Pom. We've been here a week and a half. Spent a week in a holiday home on a camp site. Viewed about 15 properties in three days and secured a perfect rental in a week. We had looked at loads online from the UK and as others have posted. Most are years out of date inside ( like 1950's style lol) so you'd be very unwise to try and rent without seeing them. Out of 15 we looked at only 2 were suitable. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how it works. It's nothing to do with being a Pom or Chinese or anything else. And for the record we are in Adelaide and have had the most friendly welcome from everyone we've met.
  13. Mxmanus

    Today it becomes real!

    We leave for Adelaide on Sunday. Container left 5 weeks ago. We hand over keys to house in the morning and stay with parents until Sunday. I'm sure we will forget to do something lol but hey oh off we go lol
  14. Hi we are arriving in Adelaide next week. Will look to rent for 6 months then buy. Looking for all advise available. Thanks
  15. Mxmanus

    Hi from Us Newbies

    Hi and welcome. Not sure about 489's but we got our 190 in April. It took that long after positive skills assessment in July 2013. Look at my time line which shows our journey. We fly out to adelaide next Sunday and are currently living with cardboard box furniture lol. Good luck on your journey. We're in Corby Northants by the way.
  16. Mxmanus

    Shipping Companies

    We've used PSS and they have been brilliant. Everything packed easily. Nothing too much trouble. Our container is in Italy at mo and due in Aus mid sept. We can track our ship real time on the net which is fun lol
  17. Mxmanus

    White card

    I've read some contractors don't except online white cards and you need to do the relevant local white card. That might be wrong but I remember reading that. I'm going to wait and do mine once there.
  18. Mxmanus

    Jobs for Subclass 190 Holder

    A subclass 190 is a permanent resident visa. The only condition is a moral one to stay in your sponsored state for two years. You can do whatever job you want and work for who you want m8 ;-)
  19. Then there is no point to your argument. Just let everyone try and get their visas. Whatever the rules. Hope you enjoy NZ m8
  20. I take it you have failed to get all 8s in the IELTS or you wouldn't be moaning about the right and wrong of taking it!! I suggest you go and revise it and pass it lol. Like we all had to.
  21. Complain all you like. If that's the rules that's the rules. If you don't follow them you won't get in. And as for it being a money making scam. It's not really. The paltry £130 it costs to do the test goes to the establishment that carry the test out. Not immigration. It's the same as say a carpenter saying he can do his job and has a bit of paper that says that. But he/ she still has to pass a practical skills test to get a visa. So taking the IELTs is a way if proving a level of English and quite frankly when you walk along the streets of the UK and listen to people taking I haven't half a clue what they are saying with all the street slang etc they use these days.
  22. It doesn't matter if it's a scam or not. It's the rules. If you want to play you have to follow the rules. So I can't see the point of the argument!! As we all know in life lots of things aren't fair but we have to abide by them. When I was told I had to do the IELTS for my visa I saw it as part of the process and as has been mentioned before it's right that migrants have a good level of English. If you've secured a skilled visa you will probably be in a job where you need good communication skills to pass on your skills.
  23. Mxmanus

    Flights booked

    :wink: Now it's real lol
  24. We are only two months away from leaving and almost every weekend is booked with something or somebody to do things before we leave. Arrange meals out with friends and family so you can have relaxed chats about all sorts of things. Try not to focus on AUS. If it comes up talk about it briefly then move on. Remember your excited, others probably are not. We are all going through a massive emotional roller coaster, with times when you feel like your crazy to be leaving. It doesn't help that the UK is picking up economically and AUS is in a slow down if you believe what you read. Remember if you dont have a go you'll regret it for the rest of your life. As others have said if it doesn't work out you can come back. But dont give up too easily though . I see your from Corby LOL so are we. ;-)
  25. I'm in the same postion. House is on market visa granted last month and waiting to book one way flights for August. My industry (construction) is starting to boom here in the UK and I feel I'm walking away from a chance to make some serious money over the next 5 years if I go to AUS. Where if you believe what you read is going through a slow down. I am getting excited/nervous and over the next few weeks we are going to ride a big emotional roller coaster as others have posted before. Its perfectly normal and I will be going in August and I'm sure once I get there there will be plenty to sort and we won't be thinking about UK much. lol Good luck