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Sponsored by Victoria, but could I work in Sydney for a year on another Visa before I go there?


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I realise I should just ask the relevant authorities, but was curious to know if anybody else had done this?


Basically, my wife and I will be moving to Melbourne, I am state sponsored PR. The only thing we worry about is getting jobs. Her company is global and has an office in Sydney and it may be possible for to get a transfer there, I would then work there on her visa. The idea is that we work there while I apply for jobs in Melbourne, if I could get a contract in Sydney, it would mean that I would gain 'Australian Local Experience', which would help me get a job in Melbourne. The idea is we could emigrate to Melbourne via Sydney without either (or both) of us being out of work. I just wonder what Vic state would make of it though. I don't want to do anything to jeopardise the Vic state visa I worked so hard for, and it would be a massive advantage to be able to make the change without both of us being unemployed at any point. Thoughts?




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I was also state sponsored PR. They send you an email every 6 months where you have to tell them where you are living and what you are doing for work. Even when I became an Australian Citizen during the 2 year sponsored period they still told me I had a legal obligation to give them this information. Personally if I was sponsored by a state/employer/relative I'd make damn sure I met the conditions of my sponsorship.



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