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  1. buzzy--bee

    Into The Unknown in Melbourne

    Try Prahran, South Yarra, Hawthorn, WIndsor, Richmond, Brunswick. If you want to be by the beach, all the bayside suburbs from Brighton South are very nice.
  2. buzzy--bee

    How long to get a place of our own (rent)

    Hi Unzippy, most people who stay in our furnished apartment stay for 4 weeks, and pretty much always find a rental within this time. We have had people who have booked for 2 weeks and then been forced to take a long-term rental that wasn't ideal as it was the only one available at short notice. Good luck and feel free to ping me if you need somewhere to stay. BB
  3. buzzy--bee

    Long stay rentals

    There is also the Big4 at Frankston
  4. buzzy--bee

    Tenants struggle to afford rent

    Negative gearing keeps rents down as effectively the government subsidises the rent. If negative gearing was removed rents would need to go up by 10 - 20% to cover the shortfall.
  5. buzzy--bee

    Short term accommodation help- Melbourne

    We may be able to help with accommodation depending on your dates. I'll send you a PM.
  6. buzzy--bee

    Accommodation advice needed

    Hi Dawn, we can accommodate 3 although really only if the 3rd one is a baby or toddler! As far as being too far from the CBD, hundreds of people commute from where we are every day. Not sure how long a commute you are looking for, we are about 45 mins. Many people commute for well over an hour each way.
  7. buzzy--bee

    Accommodation advice needed

    Thank you - glad to be of service!
  8. buzzy--bee

    Accommodation advice needed

    Hi, well we're not a company as such, just a "mum and dad" operation, but if you PM me your email address I would be happy to email you details. Over the last 7 years we have helped people from all over the world start their new lives in Melbourne.
  9. buzzy--bee

    Accommodation advice needed

    Hi, some accommodation providers (such as ourselves) will offer use of their address as an Australian postal address, even before you arrive.
  10. buzzy--bee

    Moving to Melb in Jan and wondering where to live.

    I also came from London working in IT. There's a lot of suburbs that would fit your bill. Coburg I reckon would be somewhere to consider for instance. St Kilda is very edgy, bit like Notting Hill, mix of wealth and grunge. South Yarra and Prahran might too.
  11. buzzy--bee

    Melbourne - Victoria- the good, the bad, the ugly

    I regularly compare Melbourne's weather to the Mediterranean. @Fosh - in my garden I grow olives, lemons, limes, oranges, grapes and mandarins very successfully. My wife planted some plants with massive leaves (cant remember what they are called) that cannot tolerate frost, they have prospered so that in 5 years since planting they are really too big. With very hot summers and hot autumns, where sometimes it doesn't rain at all for weeks on end, the fruit trees that are traditionally Mediterranean thrive, although you do need to keep them well watered! Winter is cooler, even then many days can be sunny in the high teens and it never gets "hats and gloves" cold. Please don't be put off by comments about the weather, you'll be fine here!
  12. buzzy--bee

    Melbourne - Victoria- the good, the bad, the ugly

    Hi Fosh, we moved from London to Melbourne 10 years ago. I work in IT. We also shortlisted Brisbane and Melbourne and did reccies to both, but Melbourne won by miles. Some of the reasons - - The weather. I like the seasons and I don't like humidity. Melbourne is like UK weather + 10 degrees. We dont get snow or frost in winter, we do get a summer that lasts several months. Spring and Autumn have a lot of very pleasant days too, often into the high 20s / 30s. - The beaches. In Brisbane it is hard to live within walking distance of a nice beach and an easy commute of the CBD. Brisbane's best beaches are the Gold and Sunshine Coasts which are too far for an easy commute. In Melbourne we can walk to a stunning beach and we are well under 1 hour commute from work. - The work opportunities. Far far more numerous in the corporate world in Melbourne. And without income, it doesn't matter how good the weather is, you will only be able to stay until your savings run out. - The city. Melbourne is lovely to live in, beautiful parks, wide tree lined streets, trams, pavement cafes. No regrets 10 years in.
  13. buzzy--bee

    job interview? moving to melbourne

    If you are working in Moorabbin depending on your budget you might consider Cheltenham, Highett, Mentone, Parkdale, Mordialloc, Keysborough. All a short commute with schools, shops etc. Some better than others, closer to the beach and the city the better.
  14. buzzy--bee

    Where to live in Victoria. Its like a minefield .....

    There is a lot of Frankston. It has various areas such as Frankston North, Frankston South, Frankston Heights etc etc. Some parts are better than others. Frankston South is largely massive family houses on 2/3 acre blocks, some with clifftop sea views. Frankston North is not like that at all! So pick your bit of Frankston and you'll be OK.
  15. buzzy--bee

    Where to live in Victoria. Its like a minefield .....

    A reasonable 3-bed house in Frankston can be had for 400pw. Also Carrum Downs (further from the beach)