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  1. 457 to residency

    Could the company who sponsored my husband's visa reapply again for it when it expires if he's still working for them
  2. 457 to residency

    So there's no chance that we can stay after our visa expires next year
  3. Starting school

    Thanks for this I will wait and see what the list is
  4. Starting school

    Hi snifter No he's not in Kindy starting in grade 4. So do I just send him in with what you suggested then.
  5. Starting school

    My son is due to start school soon. I have a silly question to ask. What do I need to purchase for his first day or two at school. Do I need to buy writing books, etc, not too sure as the school have sent me info about the uniform required but not what to have in his backpack.
  6. 457 to residency

    Our visas were lodged beg of august 2017 and granted 30 august. Both of us are 45
  7. 457 to residency

    Our 2yr 457 visa was granted august 2017 is there any chance of residency. Or can the company apply again before it ends in august 2019?
  8. Mossies

    Yeah we've got the coils and some citronella candles but my husband seems to get bitten even when they're lit
  9. Mossies

    Thank you for this. I think I will try making my own spray with essential oils if I can find where to buy them.
  10. Mossies

    When we were in Turkey a few years ago we used lemon oil spray and that helped. Would it do the same here and are you able to buy it here
  11. Mossies

    Help!! Does anyone know the best way to stop being bitten by mossies. Any advice welcome [emoji3]
  12. Best sun lotion

    We bought a big one from Coles it does the trick, we haven't burnt yet!
  13. 457 to residency

    Well we'll just enjoy our time whilst we are here, unless my husband's company extend his visa.
  14. 457 to residency

    Verystormy Husband's job is classed a motor assessor on the visa, he's been with the UK side of the company for 2.5yrs, over here since beginning of November and he's 45. Hope you can advise if we have a chance of getting P.R.
  15. Benefits

    Thank you for this information, saves me wasting my time at the Centrelink office