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457 to residency


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I'm new to this forum and just wondered if someone could help with my question.

My boyfriend and I came to Oz in December 2010, and he has worked for the same company now since Jan 2011. We are hoping to start our residency application very soon through the TRT route and was wondering what sort of time scale we would be looking at.

I am ready to move back to the UK but have said I will stay for my boyfriend to get residency, just after a rough time guide if possible for others who took this path

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As far as i am aware getting residency wont give you a free reign to come and go if your looking at moving back to the UK, you need citizenship for that, it would however give you access to apply for a Resident return visa.

We have a few members who have transferred to a permanent visa so hopefully they are along soon and can give you some sort of time frame.


Lots of luck with everything

Cal x

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I gained residence via company sponsored PR. Once all the documentation (mdeicals and things) were done, it was very quick - a few weeks. However. As CalNgary has said, this would not give you complete freedom to come and go as PR visas to expire. However, you would be potentially eligible for citizenship not too long away - you need to have been in oz 4 years and a PR for one of them years in order to apply for citizenship

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