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How Much does it really Cost to Ship Dog from UK


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Hello, We hope to be out later this year and just wondering what the true costs are for shipping dogs out to Oz. I had budgeted approximately £2k door to door and will try a limit time in quarantine by getting rabies vaccination completed in UK to reduce boarding kennel fees. We have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who weights about 12kg at present and reside in Essex. Any info or advice would be appreciated as the online export companies seem to confuse the issue and it would be good to get real experiences and costs.

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I doubt your budget will be enough. The crates for shipping are not based on weight but height of dog, to allow them to stand and turn round.


Quarantine will be shorter now so that will bring down those costs, which are separate from shipping costs fwiw.


Also you've all the blood work and vets bills which is a chunk. You need these before hand and a bit ahead so get organised and read up on it all.



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I flew my 2 dogs from Heathrow to Melbourne and the total cost was about £6000 - this includes everything - vets bills, flights, containers, paperwork and quarantine. So you'll probably need to up your budget a bit. Saying that, I've got a boxer and a pointer so they're a lot heavier than your staffie! They're also changing the minimum quarantine time soon to 10 days instead of 30, so that should make it a bit cheaper too. The prices and services really vary between pet transport companies so I would get a few quote if I were you. It's well worth the expense though - my dogs quite enjoyed quarantine! They were well looked after and you can visit them twice a week - you're allowed to take them into an exercise pen once they've been cleared by the vet so they still get some off-lead exercise. They even had a heat lamp and duvet in there kennel for cold nights. They love the lifestyle and weather here so I'd highly recommend bringing your dog. Good luck!

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We did the pet air thing.

our 30kg Aussiedoodle.

I don't remember the cost. But we looked at doing it ourselves and at the cost from pet air.


Now pet air cost more, but it gave us piece of mind. The knowledge that if any mistakes happened they could be fixed easily by the company.

Having organised the trip from Canada to England by ourselves and all the hastles that come with it, we opted for pet air and were happy with the service from England to Australia.


Look at their website and get a quote, all you have to do is measure and weigh your dog.

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