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Any visa advice!PLEASE


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Hello ,

weve been granted our 189 so heading off to Adelaide in nov 14 .:cool:

the issue we have is my mum we eventually will try to get her over on a CPV but know we need to be resident in oz for 2 years before we apply . Want to take her with us so wondered if anyone could suggest visas which would allow her to be there for the most amount of time . She doesn't mind leaving the country frequently if it means she can spend most of her time with us !

I know the e visitor visa is valid for 1 year and allows for multiple entry with no stay over 3 months !

does any one know if this means she could come for 3 months go to Bali for a week then return for another 3 months and so on .. If this is possible can you then get another evisitor straight after the first ?

I also know there is a visa that means she can come for 18 months then she would have to leave for at least 6 months before she can apply for the cpv

i would really appreciate any advice/knowledge

hope this all makes some sense


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Hi, you can apply for a longer tourist visa - sub class 600. We did this for my son while awaiting for a child visa app to come through. I think you can apply for a six month or twelve month. The application is pretty simple but you will need to 'sponsor' her. This would allow her to spend a substantial amount of time in oz before having to return. Whether you can have this visa twice I don't know but your case officer etc should be able to tell you. I'm afraid I don't know about the 18 month one.

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The '18 month one' just has a validity of 18 months. It doesn't allow you to stay for 18 months.


No visitor visa allows you stay for periods of longer than 1 year. In fact, I think the rule is you must must spend at least 6 months in any 18 month period out of Australia.


It's to avoid people 'living' here on tourist visas.

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