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What is a "Certified copy" ?


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Does anyone out there get their Police Criminal Check and Health Check documents certified by a notary, as well as their Skills Assessment before uploading?


What I don't get is that an uploaded PDF is already a copy of a certified copy, which could be compromised.



Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if it depends on the visa category but when I did mine, a colour scan of an original document was treated as an original with no need to have it certified.


For our 190 visa recently we had to get the majority of things initially uploaded certified. Passports, references, qualification certificates, statutory declarations etc. Certainly for Uk and Australia police checks (we had both of these) they don't need to be certified.

We used a notary public at a solicitors. £70 for everything

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As a teacher I got my head teacher to certify the documents that I needed certifying - mainly for AITSL skills assessment. If you know anyone in that position it'll save you a bit - the visa application process is costly anyway!! Also, as abz123 said, they accepted colour scans for my 189 application that weren't certified!!


hope this helps :)



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