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stuff in garage mad hot


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Just wondering i have not been here that long about 8 months and as im in a rental,i have a few things stored in the garage as cant use everything until i have own place and to be honest too some stuff over i may or may not use and just sell after,but i finding it mad hot in there at times sometimes as high as 40.

I wondered if this could be damaging my suff or is it more the cold weather that does this,i have seen some people with there garage open,but as i have so much stuff in there i cant but have seen them open a little is this to let in some air.i cant beleive how hot it gets in there and am starting to wonder if this is cauing damage to stuff in there.

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Depends what you have but remember it was probably damn hot in the shipping container on the way over at times too.


CDs, records (LOL), electrical items and the like probably won't take too kindly to the heat for long periods but household stuff is probably okay.

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Im amazed at what gets damaged here due to the heat. I brought my motorbike helmet and its been packes away in its bag for 7 years in my dark wardrobe, i went to show it to someone only last week and all the rubber is perishing and falling off. Ive found the same happens with shoes i brought over that havent been worn for an age. So to an extent i think some things will over time deteriorate with the heat regardless of what you do.

Does the garage have a whirly bird ? or a window you could leave open (not 24/7) to let air in?


Cal x

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