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N.B. Double De-merit points from Friday to Monday for the Aussie Day holiday!


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I don't know if all states are the same, but I fancy they will be?


I got stopped for a RBT at Coogee over the Xmas holiday, not realizing my friend Alex had forgotten to put her seat belt on. Luckily, the Bobby did not notice. What do you get for 'no seatbelts?'


The most I got in one go was a three-pointer for the red-light camera at South Dowling & Cleveland Sts, (with a $300 plus fine) & I'm still scared of that intersection. Would that have meant six point and $600, had it been on a double de-merit holiday?


I also got a $200 and two-point fine for an illegal right turn onto Parra Road in Lewisham last year.

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