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where are you taking yours sam? i'm sure its nothing to worry about, as far as i am aware its a blood test, chest x ray and a chat with the doctor about your general health and lifestyle. I think you can possibly find out as soon as the next day if they have been referred or not, have you got your police checks back?

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Got our medicals on Thursday. Bit nervous as this is the last step before our grant!

Anyone had them recently? How long does it take to get results? Also what actually happens on the day?


Hey! We had ours on 3rd Jan at Bridgwater hospital in Manchester, really laid back and straight forward. Photo taken, height and weight checked, urine test, bloods, chest x ray and a general observation by doctor for each of us. They submitted our little girls result on the day and submitted ours the day after once bloods back. No issues at all! I'm under the impression you don't get contacted unless there is anything wrong. We got our grant 17 days later (we did get asked to provide

additional evidence of Aussie employment

so you may not have to wait that long if CO has all information they want) good luck x

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We had ours at the bridgewater Manchester too, also on 3rd jan, moobobs, were you the family we spoke to in waiting area, are you going to Perth? Dr had a good poke about, X-ray & blood test fine. Took 2 hrs for all 5 of us.

jojo x


Bridgewater was lovely, can't recommend it highly enough!! Jojo no were going to Adelaide! We did see quite a few families though so maybe we did see you! Small word! xxx

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