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Painter and decorater


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Hi all :) I am going to start learning to become a painter and decorator and from what I can tell its on the SOL list (hopefully it will be when im qualified to:) I was wondering about peoples experiences in this field when applying for a visa. Also what sort of money does a p&d earn these days and what sort of hours are worked. I did google it but all the info ive found seems to be from a good few years ago and was looking for a fresh take on it. I will be looking to get a PR and moving with my wife and 2 young children. Im looking to earn a decent wage but not be rich just enough to enjoy some family time so not working crazy hours.


Thanks in advance

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If this is what you want to do once here ,have a quick look at whats required to gain any licence's required by the State you settle in. This way you kbnow what you have to do and at what outlay before you can start working in that trade.

This link may help a little



Lots of luck with your plans

Cal x

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My friend in Darwin is on $350 a day 7-4. $35-40 an hour is standard there he says. He gets sent home paid if it gets too hot and is employed by a company now sponsoring him. He's been working on the same project for coming on a year so guess it's a huge development.

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