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Hi everyone.


My my husband and I have submitted our EOI and are awaiting word back. My query concerns my 2-1 BSc Honours Degree in Psychology that I have just obtained. Hopefully working towards coming to Australia in 2015 I wondered what people may think is a good course to study here at masters level possibly to help my own job hunting if we are able to come to Australia as my husband is the main visa applicant.


Would there be any possibilities of working in a role in Australia with my psychology degree and no experience. Should I try and move into a junior or research psychologist post in UK beforehand to gain experience. Or should I top up and spend the time doing another course here that could help my job prospects in Australia.


I would really like to use my psychology degree as it was hard work but I'm unsure what , if any, job possibilities there could be for me.


Any advice woukd be appreciated.



Many thanks

mrs A

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Do a masters in clinical or ed psych I reckon. You'll need the extra years for registration and then you will have to do supervised practice. Mind you, psychs are a dime a dozen in Aus so you will need to jump through the registration hoops before you can do your supervised practice. I guess it all depends on your area of interest. Check out the AHPRA site for registration requirements (not sure if the honours degree will still be enough, I've been out of the loop for a while)

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