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Tourist visa question


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I have friends whose parents visit every year for a few months. Anyway, they have just arrived for this stay and have the usual 3 month visa. However, they would like to stay longer this time as they are going on a months cruise in the middle.


I remember seeing somewhere that there is now a visa for 6 months. Can anyone shed a bit of light?


They are retired and in future would like the option of being able to stay for up to 6 months.





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My mother in law got a visa, cost £105 I think back in 2010. We applied, she could have got up to 12 months, they gave her a six month one. In effect she could have stayed almost 18 months. The way it worked was it was valid for 12 months and she could stay for 6 months on each entry.


we filled out the paperwork application and sent it off as it couldn't be done and granted in an instant like the 3 month visa.

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