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  1. Not on very often at all anymore but more than happy to help if I can. What other info you after? It's been over 4 years since I lived there but will help where I can.
  2. wakeboard1980

    Are you proud on your country of birth?

    I am, best country in the world.
  3. wakeboard1980

    UK weather: Imminent heatwave 'could kill thousands'

    Love this weather, bring it on
  4. wakeboard1980

    June 6th, a sad day I will never forget.

    Sorry that you guys have had to witness and go through these things
  5. wakeboard1980

    Nanny state.

    What re you on about ????
  6. wakeboard1980

    What tool brands do you buy/own?

    The bulk of my tools are Makita. I also have a Bosch 9in grinder which is good.
  7. wakeboard1980

    Is this the sort of Australia we want to live in?

    A lot of what ifs in there. Your scenario is just your imagination running wild. When has something even close to your scenario happened?
  8. I think that's the general intention of the OP
  9. wakeboard1980

    Proud to be Irish on Referendum Day for Gay Marriage

    There is no place for people to not 'come out', weather I agree with the marriage thing is another matter.
  10. wakeboard1980

    Proud to be Irish on Referendum Day for Gay Marriage

    felt like she could come out??? I'm not sure Ireland has changed overnight about tha acceptance of gays and lesbians.
  11. wakeboard1980

    Swimming pool at the front?

    My mum and dad bought 5 acres in 86 in NSW. In 1990 they put a pool out the front of the house. It was different but we were 70m from the road and in front of the pool was a earth bank that was over 3 times the length of the pool with palm trees and natives. It was great, when people, mates, would drive in in the summer you wouldn't have to worry about getting out of the pool, it was more sociable.
  12. There's one on the street outside our office in Manchester