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Where best to get travel money quickly?


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We have been stuck trying to get travel money for our trip to NZ and are worried we may get to the airport and have to hope that Travelex will have enough cash for us to exchange.


Anyway, where can I get travel money NZD the same day? Yes, I have left it last minute as usual. Not sure how this happened but there you go.


Help please? We are in Melbourne.

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Why not just go the ATM when you arrive in NZ? I doubt the fees / rates will be much worse than a currency exchange.


Alternatively some of the banks in the CBD have ATMs that will dispense foreign currency for a hefty fee...there are also similar machines in the airport.

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For future you could get one of these accounts:




There are no monthly fees...and no transaction fees, even to withdraw from overseas ATMs and the rates you get are vastly superior to anything a currency exchange will ever offer.


I have this account and it takes away all the worries. If I need the equivalent of $10 to get to the airport for example, I can take that small amount out of the ATM and not worry about a per transaction fee.

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All four mainstream Australian banks are in NZ in some form or another. CBA = ASB, ANZ = ANZ, NAB = BNZ, WBC = WBC


Assuming you have an Australian bank account and ATM card, just go to the nearest equivalent ATM when you get to NZ and withdraw NZ cash from your own account.


That's what I've always done in NZ.

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