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457 Visa application help please!


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Hi all


Apologies for no doubt raking over old ground but there seems to be so many conflicting answers I thought I’d start a thread of my own!!


Right, the good old 457 visa – I’m 99.9% certain I will be offered the role that I applied for on the basis I get the 457.


Company in question is a multi-national company in the executive transportation sector with strong links to mining, they have many 457 workers already employed by them – so it’s evident they are already an approved sponsor and they are obviously wanting to nominate me.


How does it work after they nominate me? (assuming they can prove the need to recruit a non resident etc)


I will obviously apply (not sure of the process but understand its on-line)




  • How long does it take to get issued – some reports of 24hrs, some of 24 weeks!
  • Some applicants need medicals - others don’t?
  • Some applicants need to provide Police Certificates – others apparently don’t?



Is there anything else I've missed?


Any help is gratefully received!

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Hi Lostinlymm

A lot of the answers will depend on the job role - what role would you be doing and have you checked it's on the SOL or CSOL list? Timing will depend also on where you're applying from (high or low risk country) and where you're applying to go to as different offices will be processing at different speeds.

The market testing (i.e. proof of need to recruit non-resident) was only brought in for certain roles. I haven't been asked for police checks (I'm a legal officer) but was asked to do a medical (although I think that's because I declared a pre-existing condition, not sure it would have been requested otherwise).

Hope that helps get you on the right track for starters!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply, in answer to your points


* Yes the role is on CSOL list, senior manager in equipment hire industry (mining industry generally)

* Applying from UK

* Application via Perth office (I assume as role and company based in WA)

* No pre existing medical issues


Thoughts?! :-)

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do you know if they company has employed a MA to deal with your application, if so they will tell you whats required. We got a big email from our company MA today with lots of forms to complete so Ill keep you updated on the next steps. We dont know if we need police or health checks yet but should know once we have pinged the forms back later.

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Hi Lostinlymm,


Congrats on being offered the job! (commiserations if it's the 1%)


Like any visa application there's lots of different circumstances, so never assume that what applied to another person will apply to you:


- The visas on average are taking between 2-6 weeks at present. There's many things that can cause an issue/delay so this is a guide only based on our recent experience.

- Correct. Responses on your application form and the health matrix will determine the need for a medical.

- Correct. Conviction history, responses on your application form and/or the case officer will determine the need for a police clearance.


Last year they brought in a number of changes to the program. Most of these effect the company stages (SBS and nomination), but a few are applicable to the application as well. I'm intrigued by the occupation you're going to be applying under, do you know the specific ANZSCO classification?

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