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ACS assessment : On my engineering degree only year is metioned .


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Hi Friends ,


I am applying for ACS skill assessment . But I am worried about one problem .


On my degree certificate only YEAR is mentioned as date . They did not mention MONTH .


ACS will calculate SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENT MET DATE from the date of my degree completion .



However, I have provisional certificate , in which at the bottom full date is mentioned .



I would be really greatful if anybody can help me out on this .frown.gif







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I am not an engineer and I cannot be of much help, but I have noticed that in my case, the assessing body put an approximate date of 15 Feb of the year I completed the last requirement to be met, as they knew that this is the time of the year when the final examinations are written.

I guess that it might be similar in your case but it will be best to call them and ask.

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For my assessment, they ask for 9 out of 12 courses to be completed, regardless of the graduation date. So, they presumed that the last course was completed on 15th of Feb as there was no specific date.

For my university degree, I also do not have a date , only year but I put the state exam date and it was fine.

Has you provisional certificate been issued close to your graduation date, is it something similar to state exam?

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I started working from 15-oct-2008 and I have my provisional issued on 13-oct-2008 , which is absolutely fine .

I need to give proof to ACS that I had finished my graduation before I started working .

However, degree certificate was issued in Nov-2009 , as convocation was held that time only .


But :laugh:, I just noticed that my final semester mark sheet is issued on july-2008 . I think that might also work as a proof that I had finished my degree before july-2008 . Not sure though .:confused:


Thanks for your response .


Good Luck ,


Btw , Have you got you visa or its in the process ?...

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My convocation ceremony was also the following year but it was irrelevant and you should be fine as well.

I am waiting for CO and I have already loaded my medicals and PCCs. Fingers corssed we will have the visa soon!

Good luck with the assessment, I have heard that it is tougher for engineers to get together all the evidence. Hopefully yours will be smooth.

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All the best . You will get your visa soon:yes::yes::yes:


However, I need to rewrite IELTS . Got result today . ( L 8.5, R 8 , S 7 and W 6.5 ) . I needed 7 in each section .:cry::cry:



Are you doing all the immigration-work on your own or getting it done through some consultant ???

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