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Found 33 results

  1. Sean Matt

    ACS Skills Assesment

    Hello Everyone hope your doing good. I have a little concern which has been bothering me for a while now regarding the Australian Comp Society (ACS) skills assesment. Im planning on a regional residency application and I seem to have hit a road block with my qualifications. I have about 6.5 years experience as a Support Engineer and the only qualification i have post school is a Diploma in Hardware and Networking from a small college in Sri Lanka, now my question is as follows : Do the qualifications assessed by ACS need to be from a big shot university or college (or government one) or is it ok to apply with what i have ? I dont want to spend money and get a negative skills assesment just because my qualification is not from a star class college so if anyone has any info it would be very much appriciated.
  2. Hello Guys, I think I bumped into a tricky situation. I received my skill assessment from ACS stating that The following employment after August 2009 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261312 (Developer Programmer) of the ANZSCO Code Thus, if I consider from Sep'09 - Aug'14, it is exactly 5 years and hence would fetch me 5 points. However, if the experience is considered from Sep'09-Sep'14, then it is 5+ years and hence results in 10 points. So, if I apply by Mid of this month, will I be eligible for 10 points( by adding up the experience for September) although ACS only evaluated from Aug'05 - Aug'2014? Joshua
  3. shekhar

    Need expert suggestion

    Dear All experts, I am new into this immigration process and I need help regarding my EOI submission for 189. I apply(July/2014) for ACS assessment as Systems Analyst and counted my exp. 7 years 10 months upto July/2014. Still I am working with the same employer and same position with same responsibility. Now, when I apply for EOI what should I mention in the "to date" section of my last company. According to their help link(?), they suggest to keep it blank if I still working with the same employer. If I keep it blank then system count my exp. more than 8 years ad give me total 60 points (including the 5 points for over 8 yrs exp) . However, if I consider the ACS Assessment then it should be 10 points. Please suggest, do I need to apply the ACS before submit the EOI. Or I can submit the EOI and parallels submit the ACS assessment. Thanks, Shekhar Sikdar
  4. vmadhav531

    ACS Skill Assessment - Queries

    Hi Guys, I have submitted the required docs(personal details - passport, Educational details - Graduation completion certificate and transcript, Employment details - Self declaration (Notarised), references from my previous company and current employer confirming my responsibilities and designation (notarised). I have received an email from ACS to submit additional documents as below Please Note: the ACS is unable to accept letters of appointment, self-statutory declarations or contracts as employment references’’ You will need to provide third party statutory declarations that have been properly witnessed along with one of the following; Certified copy of Payslip - preferable first & last payslip Certified copy of Human resource statement or Service Certificate Certified copy of Termination Letter with corresponding dates I do have service certificate of mine as well as my colleagues who referred me. Could someone shed some light on statement " (You will need to provide third party statutory declarations that have been properly witnessed along with one of the following;") on what needs to be done for this (as i already submitted notarised third part statutory declaration with their signatures as well) Thanks for your help
  5. I have 16 years of Non ICT related qualification and have 7.5 years of experience related to nominated occupation. Someone told me if I apply via RPL route, my SIX years of experience will be deducted in RPL application and I won't be able to get points for work experience. Please guide me, its confusing for me.
  6. Hello All, I am quite confused and its seems those who are getting their skills assessed by ACS are going through a paradox due to the fact that there are some new rules set out for ACS to inforce. According to the new rules, the first 2 years of my ICT related experience get deducted from the total number of ICT experience I have acquired in my professional career so far, since my degree was an ICT Major. As a result, I am deemed as a "skilled" professional with 6.5 years, instead of 8.5 years. So, I should have got 10 points for my experience. But I have filled out the EOI pages and after submitting the total number of points rewarded are 15, instead of 10! Is it a glitch in the system? Does DIAC have yet to upgrade the EOI tool? Or is it a time bomb waiting to explode in the form of a rejection that may result in later on when a Case Officer says that my claimed points are more than what I deserve? But, I have done nothing but simply answered questions listed by the EOI tool. The tool has asked me to state the start-date and end-date of each of my jobs. Based on the answers, it calculates my ponits for 8.5 years! Why?
  7. koyo

    Advice Needed on Assessment

    Good day, I want to apply for the assessment for 261111 - ICT Business Analysts for the purpose of Independent Subclass 189. I have 7.5 years of work experience and 16 years of qualification as: - Bachelors of Arts 2 years completed in 2007 - MBA 2 years completed in 2012 Moreover, I am a PMP certified Project Manager by PMI, USA. My degrees don't have ICT units and I started my professional career in 2007. There is a confusion in ACS Skill Level Requirements. 1- In the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants document (on page 5) it states experience prior to the degree and experiences right after the degree is not countable/ eligible for migration points test. 2- But in ACS Summary of Criteria Requirements for a Suitable ICT Skills Assessment Result document it states if you have a bachelors degree or higher with Minor ICT content & not closely related to the nominated occupation, candidate should have 6 years relevant work experience completed anytime in past work history. Please guide me as a major part of my experience is in between by BA (2007) and MBA (2012). Do I qualify to apply for assessment according to second point or not according to 1st point. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi, I am new to this forum and need assistance regarding ACS query. At first, I applied for ACS in Feb 2011 when I was in Company_A. So, I got positive ACS report stating my experience till Feb 2011 in Company_A. That ACS report expired in Mar 2013. I was in same company and was doing same job so I just applied for revalidation of ACS report (without submitting new documents) and got same ACS letter with new expiry date (May 2015). This updated ACS letter still showing Company_A experience till Feb 2011 however I worked there till Feb 2014. Please advise if I can still submit same ACS letter (as it's still valid) OR it can be a problem for me because ACS letter showing experience till Feb 2011 and I worked in Company_A till Feb 2014. Although, I will submit appointment letter, experience letter and salary slips to support my employment till Feb 2014. Many Thanks, Athar
  9. Hi. I have to send all my grades and work documents to ACS for skill assessment but I have some gaps during my time. So from 2007 to 2010 I study and I had my own business. And I have a letter from one company that I worked for them as ICT Project Manager and developer for 2 years. And my biggest issue is if ACS will accept this or not. My second issue is following. I have worked for a company as Developer and ICT Project Manager for 4 years now and my former manager that resigned for 6 months ago has wrote a letter of recommendation for me but she has not wrote it in the same way as ACS wants it. So my question is here if ACS will accept it or do I have to ask her to write me a new one. If I can find her. So in total I will have more then 5 years of work experience and 3 years of education within ICT. Will this be enough or not? I will apply for 189 once I get the results back. And I hope they will be positive. Please help me or give me some advice.
  10. Hi, I have filed by 190 Visa for Vic, however my ACS and IELTS are to expire in 1.5 weeks. Will it have any impact on my Visa application. I am so worried after such a long journey What should I do please please suggest.
  11. Hi, I've all the documents in place for lodging my ACS skills assessment application. I've not got the payslips certified. Do ACS expect the payslips to be certified as well. could you guys please help me on this? Cheers,
  12. Robbouk

    Skills Select and Qualifications

    Hi Confused again, Visa 489 Does your 'highest qualification' have to be in your nominated profession for the points to count? The Australian Computer Society has already said my BTEC in Business & Finance does not count as towards a professional qualification when they are assessing my skills for a nominated Visa, which I cannot argue with, BUT completing the 'Expression of Interest', you are asked to enter your highest qualification, so is that for 'general education'? This is the passage that concerns me from http://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/2013/03/07/points-for-educational-qualification/ "Any other qualificationYou can receive 10 points for any other qualification or award which is recognised as suitable for your nominated occupation in your skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority." They certainly dont make this easy!!!!!!!
  13. Hi Friends , I am applying for ACS skill assessment . But I am worried about one problem . On my degree certificate only YEAR is mentioned as date . They did not mention MONTH . ACS will calculate SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENT MET DATE from the date of my degree completion . However, I have provisional certificate , in which at the bottom full date is mentioned . I would be really greatful if anybody can help me out on this . Cheers, Girish
  14. Hello, I prepared an ACS assessment application and saved it online. I was then given an application number and the note that my password would be sent to my email address. But, it seems unusually long to receive a mail containing that password. I still haven't received any mail and it is over an hour almost! Is it normal?
  15. Hi all, Hoping someone have had a similar issue. I've been working as a freelancer for the past 5 years providing software development services on sites such as Freelancer.com (vWorker.com), Elance.com without establishing my own business. Will I be able to get the ACS assessment and prove work experience by giving just references/letters from my clients and payment history from those sites? I guess my primary concern is tax forms which I don't have. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Ayesha Asfandyaar Khan

    Degree Assessment or RPL ?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for your kind advice please. I have to go for ACS. Initially i wanted to engage a Mara agent and after speaking with around 10 agents i am more confuse now because everyone is telling me a different story. And i have decided to do this at my own. Basically I am in a situation where I have no bachelor degree but i have been working as a software developer from 2002. I got my MSc.IT degree in 2010. In between i did my High School, a Computer language certificate and short diploma from London. Can you please advise me whether i should go for skill assessment or RPL in order to claim maximum points? One agent is saying I cannot go for RPL as I have Master Degree in IT + Vendor Certification. One is saying If I go for RPL I will get 8 year for work experience deducted because to treaty qualification what so ever. Rest are saying to go for RPL and it will give me 10 points after deducting 5 years of experience? Too many contradictions :err: Regards,
  17. paramjeet

    RPL assessment help !

    I have over 10 years of experience in ICT mainly in web development and online marketing but do not have an ICT related qualification. I have to get an RPL assessment done before I can apply for any kind of immigrant visa. I checked the ACS website. There is a lot of information there but since I have a very diverse experience I'm not sure which skill code should I apply for. Any help and guidance will be much appreciated. I can share my resume if required. Also, if there are any recommended MARA agents who can guide and assist me in RPL assessment application, it will be great!
  18. ecstasy

    Change in ACS assessment?

    Hi, I recently heard that, since May 1st 2013, ACS has changed the way of assessing applicant's work experience, especially applicants with Non-IT educational qualification. E.g. ACS is reducing 5 yrs of work experience from the total number of years for applicants with Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communication. I'm an engineering graduate with 6 years of work experience and I've got IELTS of band 7 in all, I applied for ACS. However, as I have a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication, ACS is going to acknowledge only 1 year of my experience. This would make me fall short of the points that I get for my work experience. Could someone please confirm, if this is true and if this has been formally notified by ACS? Regards, Jana
  19. Hi, Can Anyone please tell me how much time does it take to get a case officer assigned for your ACS application? Thanks in advance! Cheers kubby
  20. Analyst101

    ACS assessment as Software Engineer

    Hi all, I'm going to apply for ACS assessment as Software Engineer for PR application. I have the following education background: - Diploma, Adv Diploma and Professional Diploma in Computer Studies ( mainly consist programming related subjects ) - Bachelor of Business in Computing ( Also mainly programming and software engineering subjects ) from Australian uni - Masters degree in IT I have the following working experience: - 2 years of software engineer job ( this ended in 2008) - 5 years of technology analyst role ( this role is more toward support. Does not include writing lengthy system codes. however does include writing database patch and small shell/unix scripts for batches ) My question is: how good is my chance to apply assessment as Software Engineer when : 1. My "official" software engineer role ended many years ago, in 2008 . 2. Majority / latest of my working experience, which is officially titled as technology analyst does not include writing/maintaining codes. If you see there could be problem in this, is there any workaround ? Please help me on this question. I would appreciate it a lot. Cheers! AJ
  21. Hi, I am gathering info for my employment reference letter. I have been working for my current employers for 9 years. My job title is Web Applications Developer. I am planning on applying for an assessment under the ANZSCO code of 261312 Developer Programmer. I have drafted the list of duties but am wondering how detailed this needs to be? Do I need to go into detail of the languages and technologies used (VB.Net, SQL, ASP.Net, Visual Studio etc), or just the basics for example "Writing specifications and designing, building, testing, implementing and supporting applications using programming languages and development tools", "Creation and maintenance of the Information System's in-house developed applications according to a pre-determined brief." and so on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  22. RKHP

    ACS assessment

    Hi All, My ACS assessment has been completed on May 2011. At that time of assessment i have experience of 6.8 years, now i have 8.5 years of experience and i didn't change any JOB/ Role. To claim 8 years of experience in EOI do i need to reassess my experience with ACS ? Response to this query is highly appreciated. PS: I got EOI approval by claiming 8 years experience but my assessment report says 6.8 since its 1.5 year old. Thanks in advance...
  23. Hi... I got EOI approval on 16th Nov I have noticed that my ACS is validity expired on June 2012, Will i be able to lodge my application ? I didn't change my Company / Role Do i need to send my documentation for re-validation ' Please advice
  24. Hi This is my first post here. I'm a developer programmer with 16 years o experience. I didn't complete the graduation, though. I'm planing to assess my skills and work experience through RPL. So, I can get 10 points for the skills and 10 for 8 years plus experience. Next year I'll get a degree in a closely related area, so I can assess the degree with ACS and update my skills on skillselect and get 15 points in place of ten points from RPL. Am I right? Any thoughts? I'm worried about the work experience, am I going to face any trouble? Is DIAC going to consider my experience as skilled? Thanks in advance!
  25. Guest

    ACS documentation checklist?

    Hi there, can some one help me with the document check list for ACS RPL application? -Vineel