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Found 13 results

  1. Ritu Kamboj

    Visa 489-July 2019

    Hey friends, i am applying for Visa 489 in July 2019 . will i get invitation ? Do anybody has idea for how much time does the window opens for Software Engineer. I have 70 +10 Points for Visa 489
  2. Hi Guys, I really want to move to Sydney to enjoy the weather and the surf but I don't have a degree! I only have a diploma which is one level lower than a degree. This rules me out from the independent visa so I was thinking about another way although I'm not sure if it will work? I plan on going to Sydney on a working holiday visa and interviewing with companies until I find one that will sponsor me. I am a Software Developer / engineer (on the skills shortage list) with 3 years experience. I am 26 years old and a male in good health. My question is, can an employer sponsor me for something like a 457 visa (I want to be in Sydney for at least 2 years) even though I don't have a degree. The skills shortage list says that my occupation requires a degree but I'm not sure if this matters if I can get sponsorship from within Australia? Thanks for reading :-) Andrew.
  3. Hi all, How is the job market at the moment for software developers / engineers / programmers in Australia? Is it still slow? What are your personal experiences? I am interested in mid/senior level positions, 5+ years of experience.
  4. Hi I am Giby Thomas, I would like to apply for Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) in Australia.I am a Software Engineer from India with 5 years of experience. I don't know, how to find out this job in Australia. Some of my colleagues told me that, it is better to apply for the job from India than go and search from there. Is this a right advice? or can anyone please advice me on how can I apply for Software Engineer job there?
  5. Hi All, Need you suggestion. I am an Electronics and Communications Engineer working as test analyst (in IT). I want to apply for assessment to Engineers Australia as Electronics Engineer so I will be eligible to apply under 189. If I apply as Software tester I will be eligible only for 190 (only Victoria ss). My job responsibilities are that of tester but my qualification is Electronics engineer. My designation is "SOFTWARE ENGINEER' in my first company and "SYSTEMS ENGINEER" in current company. Is it possible to get a positive assessment as electronics engineer?
  6. Hi all, I am planning to apply for 189 with my ACS skills assessment of Software Engineer. My skills assessment is exipring really soon (4 Oct).. I am going to take IELTS this weekend. If i could get IELTS all 7, I will be getting 60 points in total. I am wondering if I submit EOI straight after I have my ielts, will I make it to receive the invitation before my ACS expires? (From what I been searching in here, my skills assessment needs to be valid at the time of the invitation, am I right?) What's the time frame for Software Engineer at the moment, I will have approx 2 months before my skills expires.. Please help. My points are age (30), bachelor degree+master in AU (15), IELTS (10), qualification in AU more than 2 years (5). Thank you!!
  7. I am 31 year old Indian software engineer working in java/j2ee development field. I have good job and better salary in dubai, but dubai is for short term stay so i plan to move to Australia and started skilled migration. The big thing coming to my mind is, is it safe to work there as Indian? or which area is safe. I heard that some cities are not fully family oriented, we have to avoid such cities and Most of the cities are not safe after 8:00 PM. All this thing i picked up from Indian media, i didn't experience it in real. In Dubai me and wife can travel even at midnight nobody will bother us, as a strict country our family have security, all will respect rules and low because of heavy punishment if found violated. I am not expecting same in other Country, But i need anybodies advice about what mind set i have to follow if i reach Australia? or commonly if Indians are not welcomed there "not like exceptional case i mean commonly:err:", i have to decide my future with other plan.
  8. Hi every one This is SAM from India. I am into the preparatory stage of filing the Skill Assessment for Software Engineer but have got stuck into a situation. I have got more than 3 years of Software Engineering experience (see details below) with two employers. - 20 months with prev employer as Software Engineer - 24 months with current employer as Assistant Manager (IT Department) but working as Software Engineer I am working at a large firm employing more than 14000 people and we do not have any skill specific job titles like Software Engineer etc. instead we have general titles for all designations starting from Junior Office to Director (JO, Off, Sn. Off, AM, DM, Manager, DGM, GM etc) My current employer provided the employment certificate with the following Roles and Responsibilities. However, my consultant objects that these do not correspond to the Software Engineer (ACS and DIAC) and the experience of two years can not claimed. He wants to have another letter from the same employer but the employer is refusing to issue. Roles & Responsibilities: Conduct business analysis and develop requirement documents to implement software solutions Develop project schedule and assists project manager to resource and manage projects Implement software system as per the requirement documents and provide post implementation support Create and execute application test scripts, scenarios, and test plans during Unit, Integration and System Testing Creating user manuals, training documents and training users Considering the above situation, what are the alternatives for me? An early response will be highly appreciated. Regards SAM
  9. Hi Friends , I am applying for ACS skill assessment . But I am worried about one problem . On my degree certificate only YEAR is mentioned as date . They did not mention MONTH . ACS will calculate SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENT MET DATE from the date of my degree completion . However, I have provisional certificate , in which at the bottom full date is mentioned . I would be really greatful if anybody can help me out on this . Cheers, Girish
  10. sami

    What visa for our son?

    My son who is at the moment under our 457 visa, did his Bachelor degree in Perth, has now got his skills assessed as Software Engineer 261313, has done his Ielts, and points wise has 60 points. We had thought WA sponsorship would be quicker, but his code is not on the list. So next option would be skilled Independent - 885 or 189 now? This code is both on the SOL and CSOL schedule 1. He has been working since February in his field of study. Does he still have to go via Skill select first to get an invitation to apply? (We live in Perth) Would he need to do medicals before applying? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi, I'm a recent graduate and I'm thinking of applying for the Skilled Recognised Graduate 476 visa, for which I am eligible, to go to Sydney. Until October, I will be working as an engineering contractor in London in a worldwide recognised software company. That being said, I have not been able to save up too much money (I just graduated last year). My question is: how probable do you guys think it is to get offered a position in the IT industry before moving over, given the fact that no sponsorship would be required? Is it impossible or just a bit harder? Will being a recent graduate work against me? I've started saving as much money as possible, but I don't think I could survive more than 2 or 3 months in Sydney without working. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Victoria Sponsership Required

    Hi, I am a Software Engineer by profession. I got accredited from ACS a few days back. Now I want to have Victoria State Sponsorship. Please tell me what are the requirements for that and is Victoria Govt still giving State Sponsorship? what is the estimated time required to get sponsorship? If Victoria is not giving SS, Is South Australia a good place to go for a Software Engineer? I have reviewed a lot of job search engines and I found out that there are very less number of Jobs for IT people in South Australia as compared to Victoria and New South Wales. Regards Stacy
  13. Hi all! Me and my other half are just starting our application and wondered if there were any Software Engineers who had experience of the skills assessment with the ACS. OH is a a Senior Software Engineer specialising in Perl which is not specifically listed in the skilled migration list or the occupations in demand and apparently goes under the name Software Designer instead. Seriously panicking incase the ACS are going to decline us despite all his experience, we are so desperate to get out there, any advice from anyone who's underwent the skills assessment would be so appreciated. Thank you! x