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moving 2 dogs to perth WA


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Hi, Im looking into flying my 2 dogs to Perth WA. One is a 2 yr old springer x lab weighing 17kg the other is a 17 week old springer x lab. I was needing some help on the injections etc they need and how long the process takes? im aware Perth quarantine has reopened with a shorter stay post traveling but im confused what I need to do here : (


Ant help would be amazing thanks

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Sammy, i think you may have got the wrong end of the stick! Have another read and you will see what i mean:)



The rabies work can start now. The dogs need a microchip, a rabies vaccination and then a rabies blood sample around 1 month after the vaccination, then they can leave UK 180 days after teh rabies blood sample. So it takes at least 7 months to prepare a dog. Pleas start nice and early!

Perth has closed and will never re-open, so your dogs will need to go from UK to Sydney and then do an internal flight over to Perth. We can help with all of that, but it does just make it a big deal. The 10 day quarantine reduces your costs and worry for the pets, but the internal flight kind of negates that I am afraid.

I hope that helps and any other questions give us a call.



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